Online Dating vs. Meeting Your Date in Person – Yes, There’s a huge difference! (International Dating)

So as many of you reading this are aware there’s a huge difference between online dating and meeting your date in person, in this essay and blog I’m going to explain a few things to men and women about online dating and why I’m selective with which dating websites I use and recommend. First thing I should point out is that I’m in an open relationship, as you’ll probably notice about my writing style, I prefer to be very upfront and live with the consequences. My history is rooted in Adult entertainment, a lot of my friends are adult entertainers and because of this I care about people, I can’t help it I just do.

In my own little way, I try to assist people in making positive changes in their dating lives. There’s one thing I have to point out however and that is Online dating and meeting your date in person are entirely different things. As many of you who follow my works in blogs and forums know I’m a huge advocate of international dating for men who are having trouble dating domestically. A lot of women in western society are experimenting with new bachelorette style living and opting not to get married, a lot of the men reading this blog post want nothing more than to find a wife. Being that life is short most men want to join a dating website that will give them immediate results, why people read my posts is I recommend the sites that have a history of proven results, this is not to be confused with a guarantee, however, when serious men join the likes of Foreign Affair results are almost immediate for men who are serious.

What I’ve discovered however is that most men aren’t serious about meeting their dates in person. If you follow my directions, join Foreign Affair and consider one of their singles tours, the first thing that will stand out to you is that the women often outnumber the men. If you’re wondering why this happens? This happens because most men are too cowardly to show up, it’s no secret, most men have an excuse for everything, despite what you think, you don’t need some dating guru to teach you how to attract women, the problem, the real problem is that maybe through no fault of your own, you’ve been raised to be a coward.

A lot of men are cowards, the thought of visiting a foreign country to meet beautiful women scares them to death. These men start to think of things like what will my family or friends think if I bring home this foreign woman? I’m an older guy, what will society think if they see me with a younger woman? I’m a younger guy what will people think if I bring home an older woman. These are thoughts of cowards, who maybe have been socially engineered or socially conditioned to believe that in a free country like America they should put the needs of strangers ahead of their own.

If you’re wondering why the world is full of misery, it’s because people worship imaginary social Gods. Current president Donald Trump is married to a beautiful 40+-year-old woman, let’s be honest here whether you agree or disagree with President Trump his wife Melania Trump is a masterpiece to look at. On the European side a very handsome French President Emmanuel Macron is married to an older woman Brigitte Macron, if you think it’s odd for a younger man to marry an older woman, you’re wrong! Free people do what the F*ck they want to do. Another person’s happiness is not for you or me to decide on if some collective and/or social class is controlling your thoughts and actions you don’t believe in freedom, you’re not an emotionally strong person.

Your wife, your mate, your person of interest is the person you’re most interested in and that’s that. If you’re too scared to join us on the Foreign Affair singles tour, simply admit it to yourself. But don’t assume that online dating and meeting in person are the same things because they’re not. online dating and traditional dating are different, chemistry is different online than it is in perfect, sometimes people just take great pictures, but when you meet them in person you find out that you have no chemistry with them.

I’ve seen that story play out plenty of times with Foreign Affair members who actually show up for the singles events. Now, of course, this isn’t what always happens, there is, of course, situations where it’s love at first sight online and it’s love at first sight in person, but meeting in person is extremely important and the reason why I recommend Foreign Affair is because they’re IMBRA compliant, meaning that your chances of success are greater. Plus as we all know the United States is extremely regulated and the fact that we have the Foreign Affair staff dedicating themselves to this is something we should appreciate.

There are so many online dating scams that will get you no results, Foreign Affair on the other hand schedules events where single people from all over the world can meet. Lastly, these women are looking for real men, age is nothing but a number, but women typically want real men, you know men that love the women they’re with, so please consider this prior to joining us.

Although online dating has benefits consider actually joining us on a singles tour. When learning about this service, it’s advisable that you consider reading, watching and listening to the testimonials from people who actually showed up on the singles tour. As I’ve stated there are people that have preconceived notions because they’re too scared to get on a plane, listen to the people that actually showed up. Practicality over theories and assumptions.

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