Ourtime.com Review Is It a Scam?

Ourtime.com is a part of the match.com network and although many people have mixed emotions about match.com in my personal opinion match.com remains one of the best premium online dating services online. Ourtime.com is targeted towards adults 50 years and above and to date there have been a lot of success stories linked directly to Ourtime.com.

Personal thoughts on Ourtime.com

When you reach a certain age, it’s much harder for people even those that around your age to see past your age. This is why sites like Ourtime.com in my opinion are created it levels the playing field for everyone It always amazes me how unresponsive people of my own age bracket can be in certain online dating sites joining a site like Ourtime.com elicits a certain maturity in members and typically members of Ourtime.com will feel more comfortable knowing that the people there all have somewhat similar interests.

Final thoughts on Ourtime.com

I don’t think or feel that Ourtime.com is a scam in anyway shape or form. Will everyone be satisfied with the Ourtime.com service of-course not people will complain about anything, what Ourtime.com is providing is a service that caters to specific group there are several online dating sites that cater to specific groups of people if you’re not having any success with Ourtime.com there are similar services such as Senior Friend Finder which offers a very similar service as Ourtime.com.

Ultimately it’s up to the customer to decide what works for him or her if something is not working maybe it’s time to change course a lot of people have also found success with Senior Friend Finder because it’s backed by Friend Finder network on the largest online dating networks online that grew organically from internet users. Some tips I recommend is continue to live an active lifestyle try to mix and mingle with other people continue to network I’ve found with age that through networking I’ve met a lot of wonderful people which enabled me to meet even more people.

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