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I learned a lesson a while back from eHarmony about being patient when it comes to online dating. The problem I had is I wanted everything NOW! Like many of you reading this I’m not a computer guy I don’t love to sit on my computer all day long searching for women to like me. It took me a while to grasp the concept that with some dating sites you just have to patient. For the record I think both men and women need to read this because both sides to a degree have impatience when it comes to online dating. A dating website like will require a bit of patience will some people see results faster than others of course but if you decide to join any online dating site practice patience.

My personal thoughts on

Like any other dating site seems to have some negative feedback but personally I don’t think is that bad. There is no such thing as a perfect online dating site and considering the amount of people serves everyday I think they’re doing quite well and I believe their continued growth is inevitable.

On the ladies side will perverted men looking only for sex contact you of course they will on the male side will women continue to play games or not respond  to messages you spent a lot of time writing of course they will. It’s just part of how things work when it comes to online dating. Women get hundreds of messages daily and in many instances many of them allow all that attention that to get to their heads on the flip side men understand that replies from women in many instances are scarce and will in many instances men will give up because to them it’s just not worth the time.

Final thoughts on

I think is a great site I think if you have the time you should give it some serious consideration. I would not tell you to put all your eggs in one basket meaning only sign up for But I think Seeking arrangement is worthy of peoples time, It’s obvious to see that their staff has put a lot time into their site they’ve also been specific in little details related to their site. Personally I like what they’ve done.

As it stands to date my current favorite dating site still is Adult Friend Finder. Yes Adult Friend Finder is a swingers site but it has so much more to offer for both men and women. Wealthy men use the site and there is a world of opportunity for women who use the site. It’s a swingers site and what I try to stress to people when joining is to participate. Men that join this site need to understand that women aren’t just going to throw themselves at you, they don’t know you and it’s up to you to make them understand and most importantly trust you.

Adult Friend Finder is not for every women but it’s the perfect site for women that take the time to understand how it works. Personally I think Adult Friend Finder is light years ahead of the competition in regards to it’s vision to online dating and if men and women took the time to understand how Adult Friend Finder really works I’m sure they would love it.

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