Review Is It a Scam?

The first thing I have to mention about is the fact that they make it very hard for you to copy their terms, which tells me they have something to hide. Based on my reviews I’m leaning more towards SexProposals being a scam over being a legit service. when read what I wrote you’ll get a better understand of why I came to that conclusion. I was able to print their terms easily however, when I investigate why they don’t allow you to copy portions of their terms I stumbled on a few things I may have missed, had they not made it so challenging. I will point that out below. First thing I’m going to point out is their address, which can be viewed below.

Contact Information
Graham Web Services B.V.
Zutphenseweg 51
7418AH Deventer
The Netherlands
CC: 69645973

The second thing I’d like to point out is what’s mentioned on their sign up page and also what’s mentioned in their terms. Terms of Service Agreement

At the bottom of the sign up page of Sex Proposals you can see the following statement, that you’ll want to consider reading prior to joining:

The minimum age for participation on is 18 years. The site is optimised for desktops, mobile phones and tablets. is a social sex platform for men and women who are looking for a fun, flirty or exciting adult contact. Every day, hundreds of new members sign up. Based on your profile settings, you will receive match suggestions. However, you can also use our search functionality and browse for profiles yourself. This is completely up to you. is designed for adult pleasure and entertainment. Profiles are partly fictional, physical arrangements with these profiles are not possible. We strongly advice you to read our Terms and Conditions before using our Service.

When reading their terms section 1. Summary of Terms states the following:

We use fantasy profiles to stimulate interaction and conversations among users.
All disputes are subject to mandatory mediation and mandatory arbitration in the Netherlands

so if you live in America or North America make sure you familiarise yourself with that. Another section 2. Nature of Website and Eligibility it states the following:

You acknowledge that some of the profiles on the Website are fictitious and they have been created only to exchange messages with users and therefore real-life meetings with these fictitious profiles are therefore not

So based on my reviews is a similar service to Live Jasmin except that for whatever reason their approach is different. what I mean by that is at Live Jasmin what you see is what you’ll get so you won’t have to play any guessing games wondering what member is real and what member is fictitious.

Final thoughts regarding

Based on my reviews I won’t be recommending SexProposals at this time. With that said my basis of reviews may differ from others. yes, I lean more towards Sex Proposals being a scam, I’ve never heard of them until now and compared to the legit adult dating websites I’ve reviewed their service appears to be rather fishy to me. With that said I don’t write these reviews to tell people what to do with their time or their money, so if you want to join SexProposals don’t let me stop you. Any questions you have regarding should be addressed to their staff directly.

when it comes to adult dating, as many of you know I’ve been rather consistent and what I’ve said time and time again is when I’ve done my comparisons of legit adult dating services Adult Friend Finder remains on the top every. A few things to point out about Adult Friend Finder that many people don’t seem to comprehend, first thing is Adult Friend Finder is American owned and was created to meet the demands of the market.

Adult Friend Finder began way back in 1996 as a swingers dating site serving primarily the San Fernando Valley area of California, its reach quickly spread via word of mouth which is why survived for so many decades. Now obviously to meet market demands it grew it’s based and increased it’s services, which is why it’s not as boring as all the other dating websites. I will never go off the rails and say Adult Friend Finder is perfect, all dating websites have flaws and technical glitches but in comparison to others I’ve reviewed it’s by far the best. BTW I don’t do the whole 5 and 10 star review nonsense, those sites are how I got scammed which is why I write details that I feel are important.

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