Review Is It a Scam?

Personally I like I think it’s a good adult dating network what I like most about them is that they’re very straight forward with their approach to marketing. Can’t go on record and say is my favorite adult dating network but what I will say is they’re doing everything right and then some. My problem with is that there aren’t that many people from my area on their site. When it comes to adult dating the more people there are on the site the better.

Personal thoughts on is a part of the Amorix Ltd network which is a fairly big dating network, I think the potential is there but the challenge for Shagaholic will be how they retain their members. Adult dating has gotten very big over the last 5 years and there seem to be more major players emerging each and every single day. Currently there are only two adult dating networks that I will stick the course with and the reason I like this adult dating networks is biggest they’re constantly advertising their brand not only that but they also do a good job retaining their members.

Final thoughts on

Shagaholic currently has over 7 million members and they’re kind of getting a reputation for spamming people I’m keeping my eye on this one not liking it to much. I would put up there with maybe my top 30 online dating sites and maybe my top 15 adult dating sites. I think they may have a recipe for success only time will tell if they can stay competitive in this very competitive market. In June 2012 the best adult dating site in my opinion still is Adult Friend Finder.

Every time I write a post on a blog or a forum what I try to do is educate my readers about adult dating and what it’s all about. What adult sites do is they try to incorporate things that they feel their audience would like in an adult dating site. Unlike traditional dating sites adult dating offers the user a lot more entertainment. For example if you go to a standard dating site you go there leave messages and wait which is not only boring but it’s annoying because you can maybe sign up for a year and only meet or communicate with like two people.

Not with adult dating, adult dating sites give incentive to join and also remain active members which changes the entire dynamic if you know how to play the game in your favor. Adult Friend Finder has been online for more than a decade and the people I’ve met through Adult Friend Finder have for the most part been fantastic. I like Adult Friend Finder because I’m around  like minded people. The key to making Adult Friend Finder work for you is not to be shy and also to be realistic treat people like people that’s how I’ve been able to be successful using Adult Friend Finder. If you’re female or male and you want to get into adult dating my advice is try Adult Friend Finder over million members worldwide you stand a very good chance of being successful.

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