Review Is It a Scam?

As many of you reading this know Slutroulette is the Chat Roulette of sex chat roulette if you haven’t tried it is one of the biggest free video chat sites on the web however I always tell people there is a price you pay when things are free and if search Google for “chatroulette humor” you’ll come across hundreds if not thousands of videos of people getting embarrassed because of chatroulette.

If you’re just learning about you should also be aware of I’m pretty sure many of you reading this post have seen the streamate commercials well Slutroulette will bring you to a site called live free fun and if visit live free fun and you’ll notice a lot of similarities. For the record this does not make Slutroulette a scam but it does give you better insight of what’s going on.

Personal thoughts on

When it comes to sites like Slutroulette I think it is legit however I will say this. I’ve tried streamate and I’ve tried quite a few of these sites and in my personal opinion and this is for guys and gals I think that Live Jasmin has them beat on every front. I want to also point out that Live Jasmin is one of the best adult chat rooms and it became one of the best organically meaning word of mouth gave it its prestige. is a good option because if you spend a few minutes on you’ll notice how many horny men waste countless hours waiting for one hot woman to appear. Slutroulette brings these men to where they should be which is an adult chat room.

Final thoughts on

My personal review is Slutroulette is legit it’s not a scam reviews for streamate have been pretty good as well and they’re a legitimate company growing day by day. I’ve tried all the sites mentioned on this post and my personal opinion still stands, if you’re curious about signing up feel confident knowing that it is not a scam.


Some agree others disagree but I consider adult dating a better alternative to adult chat room sites which are purely entertainment based. There are so many rules and often it’s harder to break through barriers once you become a customer. Sites like Adult friend Finder have long since created an alternative to just watching by additional provider a dating site where swingers can get together.

Some people don’t like the fact Adult friend Finder has done this and that’s fine but I ask the question to those of you still desperately looking for alternative relationships on free dating site… What do you expect them to do? If you ask most people men and women why they don’t like free dating sites it’s because you get to many people that aren’t serious and if you ask most people about their online dating experience they’ll tell you that they we’re bored.

Adult friend Finder fixes all of these problems now I have to put in a disclaimer here and say that Adult friend Finder isn’t for everyone but it’s been the best online dating experience I’ve ever had. If you’re unfamiliar unlike some of the sites mentioned on this post Adult friend Finder as been online for more than a decade I’ve known of it since 1999 which is when I first joined.

Honestly I liked it better back then because there we’re less idiots joining many of us can attest we wish it had remained hidden to general masses but then that 100+ million dollar valuation came out and everybody wanted a piece of the adult dating market so here some of us are trying to educate you newbies of the differences of a good dating site compared to a bad one. Either way I wish you all the best and remember online dating is only one option!

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