Review Is It a Scam?

First thing I want to point out is that this post is about There could other variations but this post is dedicated to The reason I started of this post by saying this is because I’ve already written a post on this blog oddly enough about If you we’re to visit you would see a lot of similarities between and They’re basically the same website. In the online dating arena there is nothing wrong with doing this in fact this is just another way of them marketing their brand and getting the word out there.

Personal thoughts on

If you read my post on you’d know that I’m not a real big fan of this network however I’m not a person that wishes to tell another individual what to do with their time or their money. Just from my experience I opt not sign up with network of sites. That being said this doesn’t mean that doesn’t have much to offer on the entertainment side of things.

The dating component to is lacking right now in my opinion, the thing people fail to understand before joining sites like these is that mix entertainment with dating. Unless you’ve been using these sorts of dating sites for at least 3 month’s it’s hard to fully understand how things work. Because I’ve been using online dating for almost 11+ years now I understand how things work but for newbie this type of online dating might be too much for them to understand.

Final thoughts on

Personally I wouldn’t join I wouldn’t call it a scam but in my personal opinion based on the size of their network I wouldn’t spend my money on them at this time. To get an idea of the size of their network visit Alexa and type in the search bar another thing you might want to do is type at this time their network is too small in a very competitive industry. That being said please do not let my personal views stop you from giving a try.

At the moment and for the record I’m writing this post in 2012 Adult Friend Finder remains tops on my list for online swingers dating. Adult Friend Finder has a massive network boasting over 40 million members and this number continues to grow. Not only does Adult Friend Finder have a live chat and entertaining features but it also has real people real swingers real women looking for opportunities.

If some of you wonder how some of these women get discovered you might want to check out Adult Friend Finder. What most people don’t understand is that Adult Friend Finder has people that are networking. If you take the time to understand how Adult Friend Finder really works you’ll see why it currently ranks as my number 1 online dating site. Don’t just sign up and say it doesn’t work actually try it!

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