Review Is It a Scam?

I always find it weird when people say I ‘m not doing this for the money? Yea sure buddy! The truth of the matter is money is motivating factor for most people so for the narrator to make such a claim is ridiculous in my opinion. Anyway what I would like to say in regards to Is is that I can save you money and get you laid by strippers in a three short words. Those three words are Ecstasy, Coke and Weed.

When I was younger I learned this very quickly because three of my female classmates that followed me to college we’re strippers what did they all have in common? They all did drugs, dancing on a pole is exciting for women at first but after a few month’s women usually only have three options. Pimp, Sugar daddy and/or drugs. Most pimps don’t want their Hoes on drugs and sugar daddy’s typically don’t give a damn what their woman is on as long as they give daddy a little sugar every once in a while.

My personal thoughts on

My personal thoughts on is don’t bother with it. I just told you the key to get laid from strippers above the only thing will do is give you temporary fixes which will force you the customer back into the hands of at which time he will offer you something else. It’s not worth in my opinion and I personally recommend that you do not use stripper shark.

Online dating is the future

Being that I’m in the marketing profession what has been most surprising to me is how big online dating has gotten, not only that but how the mind sets of women have changed also. Why go to a strip club to bang a stripper when you can find local women who want to try something new. This generation is a lot different from my generation they’re more open and more honest with themselves. If you can display a confident personality on an adult dating website such as Adult friend Finder you will be surprised the amount of responses you get.

Obviously people that live in larger cities will have better results however once you grasp the concept and gain confidence in adult dating you’ll start to meet horny women that you probably didn’t even know existed. The problem most men have when they use adult dating sites is that they turn into idiots when they join. There are few things as men you need to do when signing up for a dating site.

One is post a picture that makes you look interesting (avoid the bathroom pic) two is create a profile that sounds interesting to you this profile shouldn’t reveal too much and must leave something to the imagination three communicate with as many women as you can and don’t say things like “I love you baby” treat the women you’re communicating with as someone that you want to meet but have never met before. If you find it hard just picture yourself having to communicate with ugliest women I’ve ever met and write your message that way. I mentioned Adult friend Finder earlier because it’s the largest dating site online and for best results it’s best to go where all the adults are.

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