SweetDiscreet.com Review Is It a Scam?

To the best of my knowledge SweetDiscreet.com is a fairly new extra marital affair dating website for catering to both men and women. I’m skeptical about how successful SweetDiscreet.com will be in the future because at the moment Ashley Madison among others has very tight grip on this industry. The good news for SweetDiscreet.com is most extra martial affair websites are extremely expensive. I know this first hand and what I’ll tell you is in most cases the expensive dating websites are no better than the inexpensive ones.

Personal thoughts about Sweet Discreet

Being that SweetDiscreet.com as of October 2012 is fairly new it won’t be getting my recommendation that being said I like the fact that SweetDiscreet.com is targeting a specific market not only that I like the fact that the market they’re targeting is a very large market. The issue then becomes trust will men and women come to trust the SweetDiscreet.com brand. Those of you that live in California know that you do not under any circumstance want to get caught cheating if you’re married which is why most people only select a hand full of these dating websites. Being that SweetDiscreet.com is new it will be interesting to watch how long they stick around.

Final thoughts on SweetDiscreet.com

SweetDiscreet.com for those most part looks legit however I won’t be recommending it to anyone it’s too new and being that most dating websites wind up being scams I don’t feel comfortable recommending anyone to them at this time. That being said don’t allow my personal thoughts to stop you from giving SweetDiscreet.com a try. I like their concept and the crowd their targeting is very large I question their sustainability because there in a very competitive market only time will tell I wish you all the best.

The only adult dating website I ‘m recommending at this time is Adult Friend Finder, one of the things I like most about Adult Friend Finder is that they provide opportunity to both their male and female members which to me separates them from their competition most adult dating websites are just derivatives of cam sites which is the reason why majority of the adult dating websites have not been able to reach the membership levels Adult Friend Finder has. Adult Friend Finder as of October 2012 has over 40 million members depending on what city you live in you will find over 100,000 people online at any given time which is a very crazy number to grasp in the online adult dating world.

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