Sweetorsaucy.com Review Is It a Scam?

I guess depending on your location or the date in which you’re reading this Sweetorsaucy.com can be linked to a different dating website. For me Sweetorsaucy.com was linked to mate1.com. I seldom write about sites like Sweetorsaucy.com because they’re not real dating sites instead they’re used to basically to grab your personal information so that they can send you emails with promotions from other dating sites.

My personal views on Sweetorsaucy.com

Personally what I would tell you is, if you haven’t your personal information to Sweetorsaucy.com yet don’t do it. Also I would uncheck the box that currently reads “Send me special offers from qualified partners” on the Sweetorsaucy.com homepage because when you leave that box checked what they’ll do is send promotion after promotion to the email you provided them.

Final thoughts on Sweetorsaucy.com

I don’t like sites like Sweetorsaucy.com they annoy me they make it seem like they’re a legit dating site when in fact they’re not. I can’t really complain because a lot of other dating sites do this for promotional purposes I just don’t like how the Sweetorsaucy.com is set up. One thing I will say however is that if you click the terms and conditions on the Sweetorsaucy.com webpage you’ll notice that a window will pop up and it will say at least on my end that Sweetorsaucy.com is linked to mate1.com. I would avoid signing up but don’t let my personal views on Sweetorsaucy.com stop you from giving them your personal information.

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