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If you’re wondering if legit, based on my reviews yes Thai Cupid is legit and is not a scam. Thailand is a must visit at least once in your lifetime. It’s a very different experience from what most westerners are used to. Namely the cost of living in Thailand came be extremely beneficial to foreigner from the U.S, U.K, Europe, Canada, Australia etc. Thailand really is a must see, there isn’t much I could tell you that you couldn’t experience for yourself. actually has real Thai people on their website, I know many of my subscribers reading this have joined international dating websites that hire people to pretend they’re single from Thailand, Russia etc. But no ThaiCupid does have legitimate members. With that said it doesn’t mean that there may not be some individual scammers on their site, however the website is not a scam. Just make sure you exercise a degree of caution when using their website.

Personal thoughts regarding

ThaiCupid is part of the Cupid Media which for the most part specialises in international dating, up to now (2017) they’ve been proven to be an honest legitimate company. I’ve used them, I’ve never had any issues with billing, nor did I have any issues with their support. Based on my history I tend to read the terms and privacy policy of dating websites. I recommend you do the same, however as I’ve stated based on my reviews is a great international dating website.

With that said as many of my subscribers know when it comes to international dating my preference is the American owned and operated international dating service Foreign Affair. If you’re interested in going to Thailand to meet women which is something I highly recommend Foreign Affair should really be considered. Thailand is their least expensive Asian tour and let me tell it’s an unforgettable experience. When visiting the Foreign Affair under Asian Tours click Thailand. I’d love to see you there. So you’re aware the difference between Foreign Affair and is that Foreign Affair sole purpose to bringing you and the women together to meet in person.

Based on my personal reviews and I’m just being honest here it’s not about age but I do recommend that your finances are in order. Also another reason why Americans should use Foreign Affair is because of this thing called IMBRA (The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005). There are some beautiful people in Thailand and if you fall in love you want to make sure that you do things the right way. I say it all the time pay now or pay later. Foreign Affair has written and video testimonials, phone support, it’s actually recommended that you call them instead of emailing them. You can also contact the women online using the Foreign Affair service but for a person like me nothing beats going there. If you just want to chat online is a great service but in my opinion if you’re serious about meeting in person check out Foreign Affair

Final thoughts regarding has some great features and a very good support team. ThaiCupid based on my reviews will not scam you financially. It’s important to know that every dating site has the potential to be hacked, it’s happened to almost every dating website, I don’t let that stop me I don’t think it should stop you either. Any questions or concerns you have regarding should be sent to their staff directly. Based on my experiences they’ve been very helpful.

When faced with the reality of international dating most of my subscribers opt for something more domestic. The thought of dating internationally is often more a fantasy than a reality for most people. There are costs involved and that’s why in almost all instances when I go to a Foreign Affair the local women far outnumber the foreign men. Most men simply are not willing to go. With that said I’m often ask questions because I prefer the alternative dating market, alternative dating is my passion, being that I’m from the adult industry domestically I prefer adult and swingers dating and my website of choice is the American owned and operated Adult Friend Finder. To give a brief history without going into all the specifics Adult Friend Finder has been online since 1996.

Adult Friend Finder has been under attack quite a few times, by hackers and extremists that want to control how freedom loving Americans live their lives. all these attacks have have caused excessive regulations which ultimately helped to facilitate the rise in scam adult dating sites all over the internet. As many of my subscribers know early on I didn’t even mention Adult Friend Finder.

I kind of liked the idea of only a selective few knowing about it. However the attacks reached to the point where people did not know the difference and started to label the entire adult online swingers dating scene a scam. As you all know many of us are trying to prevent more government intervention which actually helps the scammers because they have competitive advantages operating overseas.

This is not written to demonize anyone, however Adult Friend Finder is a great adult swingers dating website that ha provided a platform for alternative daters long before politicians took up the cause of defending the rights of marginalised sexual preference groups. Adult Friend Finder is a great dating experience for liberated women and men, namely those of us who prefer an honest alternative dating experience. I wish you all the best, remember life is short live it to it’s fullest.

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