TipModels.com Review Is It a Scam?

Currently based on my review TipModels.com appears to be affiliated with a site that I’m very familiar with. I want to keep this post as short and remind people that TipModels falls under the umbrella of adult entertainment the only thing that might separate it from other types of adult entertainment is that it’s interactive so two people from any two parts of the world can engage in an interactive live webcam, two way audio video sex chat conversation.

Why I say this is because unless TipModels.com is taking your money and not providing a service then they’re legit in my opinion. If TipModels.com were a scam they would have to be over charging you or committing some kind of fraudulent transactions with your debit or credit card. Being that TipModels is affiliated with Live Jasmin I know first hand that Live Jasmin operates their business in an honest ethical manner when it comes to live cam I frequently refer people to them.

Personal thoughts regarding TipModels.com

If you watch premium adult movies like for example if you’ve ever had phone sex, watch adult movies on pay per view or purchased sex toys, sex magazine went to strip clubs etc then TipModels.com would probably appeal to you. In reality TipModels.com is actually better than all the above the only one that might be better than it is going to a strip club where touching is allowed however depending on what state or country you live in you might NOT be able to touch a stripper so in some ways TipModels.com could even be a better less expensive option. It really depends on you however based on my experiences using Live Jasmin it’s not a scam!

Final thoughts regarding TipModels.com

My review of TipModels.com is based on my reviews of Live Jasmin and truth be told I have no complaints regarding Live Jasmin they’re legit in my book they’ve never tried to scam me or deceive me in anyway there are sites out there that use deceptive marketing tactics which is why for the most part I’m selective with who I recommend but as long as TipModels.com is a ffiliated with Live Jasmin which they currently are they’re legit in my book. Have fun and I wish you all the best.

Before I finish I like to remind both my male and female readers that one of the reasons I’m a huge fan of Adult Friend Finder is because of how they incorporate adult dating with webcam. I’ve been using Adult Friend Finder since 1999 it began in 1996 and it still amazes me the influence they’ve had both in online adult dating and live webcam sex chat. Many of the features I see in both Adult Friend Finder mastered a long time ago.

As good as Adult Friend Finder is now it was even better in 1999 and the early 2000’s because they had such a monopoly on the industry and everyone trusted them as the website to go to if you were a swinger or looking for sex based relationship. To date Adult Friend Finder has over 40 million registered members keyword being registered there a lot of adult dating websites that have a lot of members but in most circumstances as I’ve reported those members were bought or stolen Being that Adult Friend Finder has been online since 1996 it’s easy and clear how they managed to accomplish this fete. I will warn you however it’s your job to protect yourself when you use the site people will be people and not everybody is nice so in short don’t be naive when using their site protect yourself the same way you would on any other dating website.

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