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To start I first want to say that there are a lot of international dating scams on the net fortunately for you if you signed up with you’ll be glad to know that currently they’re not one of them. With that said people reading this should be aware that is not located in the United States to the best of my knowledge they’re located at Suite 1
39 Dee Street Aberdeen, AB11 6DY United Kingdom and their current company was founded February 26, 2013 which is something found odd because they claim that they’ve say and this is clever writing and marketing on their part I’m quoting here when they say:

We have been working for more than 10 years (not bad!)

Maybe they’ve been working in the industry for 10 years but according to legal documents they’ve only been in business since February 26, 2013. If you don’t believe me or want to believe me they’re business name is Pacific Project Lp look it up it’s not hard to find all the information you need to know about when they were created.

Personal thoughts regarding

If you follow my blog and forum posts on almost all the posts I write I talk about Americans sticking with American companies. Even if I don’t personally recommend the site I typically won’t go on bash a site that is owned, operated and pays taxes in America and the reason is because in a perfect world established American dating services have to abide by the American laws now obviously this puts most American companies at a disadvantage however simple things like personal information are usually safer in American companies hands than they are in a foreign owned company.

When I first heard about I was shocked to hear that they’ve been online for more than 10 years because I had never heard of them and I’m actual person that’s used an international dating service and know a lot more than most people upon further investigation turns out that uadreams is rather new. Based on my reviews they don’t seem to be a scam they seem to be legit but when I did my review on how to contact them which is a practice I like to do that’s where it appeared as though they weren’t as open as I’d like them to be. Upon further investigation I also didn’t like their Trip Packages and Prices which in my opinion is the ONLY REASON you sign up for an international dating service.

Final thoughts regarding

Personally I don’t think is a scam but I won’t be recommending them for Americans or anyone else for that matter. When it comes to international introductions the only source I trust is A Foreign affair. Now let me make something clear I’ve seen a lot of blatent international dating websites only I try to write about them once I hear about them. doesn’t appear to be a scam but in comparison to A Foreign affair they don’t even come close. A Foreign affair doesn’t just focus on the Ukraine, the deal with Asia and Latin America if you haven’t done so yet go on one of the Foreign affair trips to Colombia as well as one of their tours to Ukraine I’e personally never seen that many beautiful women in one exclusive place.

More on A Foreign affair they have a radio show, a talk show, they’ve been on television shows such as good morning America, Dr. Phil, Nightline, 60 minutes the discovery channel did a piece on them A Foreign affair knows the industry including the immigration process better than anyone, they prepare you, they even scare you by educating you on exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Allow me to also add that A Foreign affair an American company can be reached by phone, fax, direct mail, email they can be reached while they’re doing their live radio show. A Foreign affair has a physical address that’s easily accessible on the front page of their website, currently you have to go to the terms and conditions page and scroll to the very bottom to find out where they’re located. What I will say however is A Foreign affair isn’t a service you want to use if you’re strapped for cash.

If you’re strapped for cash I personally would tell you to avoid international dating until you’re in a better financial situation. However money isn’t a major concern do what the smart people do which is GO ON THE TOURS There is no other way for me to explain it you won’t get it or understand what I mean unless you go on the tours. The problem with most guys is they want to find INTERNATIONAL love online.

That doesn’t work because if you’re an American you’ll learn quickly that there’s a culture clash and the only way to get through that is to meet her in person that way you’ll be able to realise and understand whether or not you have chemistry with person that interests you. A Foreign affair by far is better than any service and what’s even better is that they’re America based, American operated and unlike which was created February 26, 2013 A Foreign affair has been in operation since 1995!

I wish you all the best again I don’t think is a scam but I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM!

Click here for the Foreign Affair website

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