Review Is It a Scam?

It’s interesting to read some of the lovely comments in the forums regarding dating internationally we’ve got a lot of pros and cons and some very good feedback regarding the services we recommended. UkrainianCharm came up and as per usual we had to give you the information and allow you to make the decision of what makes the most sense for you. For those of you living in North America, it’s important to realize that Ukrainian Charm is located in Cyprus. Their address is listed below:

Mailing address: Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue, 57, Koursaros Court, Flat 201, PC 3076, Limassol, Republic of Cyprus
Attention of: Customer Support,

E-mail: support(@)

Allow me to point out that I don’t have any problems with Cyrus, nor do I think that just because a company is located in Cyprus that it makes it a scam, I get it, I’m a capitalist myself, I understand that in order to save money on taxes some companies relocate to area’s of the world where taxes and regulations are less. My operations aren’t oversea’s I pay my business taxes locally, however, I don’t fault companies that don’t, I believe in freedom of choice. With that said I also must disclose to my readers my findings.

Based on my reviews is a scam, but I’m not on record for calling them legit either. As you all know International dating is one of my specialties, it’s a very important component of how I formulate my dating arguments. So because of that my reviews are based on my own personal experiences.

Personal thoughts regarding

When it comes to international dating I’ve said this over and over again that if you’re not going to use a professional service stick with the free dating or social media websites. In my opinion, it doesn’t make much sense to jin premium international dating services that don’t have love tours. It’s no secret I’m a huge advocate of the American owned international introductions service known as Foreign Affair. When you live in a developed country like the United States or even Canada, Australia or the U.K you want to approach international dating the right way, especially if you plan on getting your feet wet online.

Now, if I offend some of you, it is what it is, if you’re don’t have the financial means to do so yet I don’t recommend Foreign Affair right now. There are costs involved in dating internationally. Also, I like to remind my readers that women all over the globe have feelings too. When a woman responds or is trying to get to know you, if you as an American male, for example, makes her believe that you’re going to come and see her and you don’t, her feelings might get hurt, she might cancel her Foreign Affair membership. Also on the flip side women aren’t stupid so if Foreign Affair is hosting a love tour and you’ve developed online communications with someone only to find out later that she’s engaged or in a relationship with someone else, don’t be surprised. These women are looking for a man who is serious.

I know when I write some of my readers don’t like to read what I have to say, but I’m an actual user of these services, I’m not going to sugar coat things for you. Why I don’t recommend services like is that love tours aren’t their main focus, they’re more like a dating website, which is fine, but, based on my reviews Ukrainian Charm isn’t the type of service I’d recommend to anyone. You can join them if you want but I advise you to do a side by side comparison.

Ukrainian Charm vs. Foreign Affair well for starters, Foreign Affair has a physical location, not only do they have email support, but they have phone support, video, written, pictorial and audio testionials, Foreign Affair is an actual introductions service. Now allow me some time to explain what an introduction service is.

In case you didn’t know international dating especially in America and other western countries is very regulated. I’ve written in depth about IMBRA (International Marriage Broker Regulation Act) in more than one occasion and why legitimate international dating companies have to adhere to it. Now, these regulations, if you don’t understand them, would confuse you as to why Foreign Affair does some of the things it does, but they as a legitimate business have to protect the integrity of all their users as set out by the laws. What government regulations often do to American owned businesses is force them to play a balancing act. Which is one of the reasons you’ll notice that I often I have to go into depth about issues that should be common sense? That aside for me when I compare UkrainianCharm to Foreign Affair my personal choice is the later.

Final Thoughts Regarding

I won’t be recommending UkrainianCharm at this time, I’m not calling them legit nor am I calling them a scam, all I will say is I think there’s better out there. If you want to join Ukrainian Charm don’t let me stop you. Any questions or concerns you have regarding them should be addressed to their staff directly.

My recommendation as far as international dating goes at this point should be rather obvious, I prefer Foreign Affair and my reasoning in a nut shell is rather simple, Foreign Affair is not simply a dating website, they’re a dating service, they’re an introductions service that will allow you to meet the individual who interests you in person.

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