Untrue.com review is it a scam?

Before even considering signing up for “Un true dot com” I highly recommend reading their terms and conditions and when you do read their terms and conditions the portion I would pay closest attention to is “section E” that states “This Service is for Amusement Purposes, only.”  Below is portion of the Untrue.com terms and conditions which can be found at the untrue.com website by scrolling to the bottom of their webpage and clicking “terms” or by going directly to the  http://www.untrue.com/pop.php?page=terms webpage. The date in which I’m writing this is November 2011 so depending on when you read this message things may have or may not have changed.

Preview of the Untrue.com terms and conditions


You acknowledge that We may automatically generate invitations to complete membership applications for our other partner or affiliated sites when you join the Site. However, you will not be charged for other memberships unless you affirmatively choose to complete the membership application and register for another website.

Online CupidTM Communications: You understand, acknowledge, and agree that some of the user profiles posted on this site may be fictitious, and are associated with to our “Online CupidsTM”, (“OC”) . Our OC’s work for the Site in an effort to stimulate conversation with users, in order to encourage further and broader participation in all of our Site’s services, including the posting of additional information and/or pictures to the users’ profiles.


Final thoughts on Untrue.com

What I find most offensive about Untrue.com is the fact that once you sign up them they’re basically going to sell your email address to spammers not only that you will pay your money to get contacted by fictitious members. Personally I recommend avoiding Untrue.com but don’t let my opinion stop you from joining. If you’re looking to get into online adult dating in my opinion it’s a much better idea to join Adult friend Finder. Adult friend Finder is currently the largest swinger’s site and it’s been online since 1999.

There’s more women at adult friend finder and you can find all types of women from a heterosexual male perspective I can tell you that adult friend finder has all types of women skinny, tall, short, midgets, freaks, BBW’s, Milf’s, cheaters, dominatrix you name it, it’s there I’ve even met women who we’re looking to start a website as an live camera adult performer. Every type of woman with a fetish is there and if you’re into this sort of thing I highly recommend you try it out. Adult friend Finder is not perfect but if you’re looking to get laid from online dating you stand the best chances signing up with Adult friend Finder.

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