Upcoming Singles Vacation Tours in Costa Rica, Ukraine, Colombia, The Philippines and Thailand in July & August 2019

Okay, thanks for subscribing just wanted to keep everyone updated on what’s happening in the coming months’ there are no excuses for you not to show up for any of these events. If you’re single and you’re having a hard time finding a domestic relationship unless you want to die alone join us on one of these upcoming singles tours. It’s life-changing and I’ll say it again the reason why the women outnumber the men is because most of you supposedly single heterosexual men never show up to any these events. The tour dates are below, if you haven’t registered, register now.

    • Upcoming Singles Tour 
    • Costa Rica July 4, 2019
    • Kiev-Kharkov July 11, 2019
    • Odessa-Kherson July 18, 2019
    • Medellin August 15, 2019
    • Cebu August 22, 2019
    • Thailand August 29, 2019

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I’ve gotten messages saying that when many of you went to Thailand you met a lot of Ladyboys, well the Foreign Affair singles tours have women, so you won’t have to worry about spending your entire trip trying to find women, the Foreign Affair service revolves around bringing people together.

Now regarding the Medellin and Ukraine trip, expect to see breathe taking women, who are legitimately looking for a partner. Life is short, and I trip to ram this point home to many of my subscribers, do not live your life based on someone else’s terms. I get it, many of you are scared, you’re girly men, too afraid to take risks, being honest I don’t know how to get through to many of you, all I can see is that the testimonials for the people that took the leap continue to mount at Foreign Affair. You asked I delivered and it’s not like these women have nothing economical to rbing to the table for you, many of these women are quite successful, this isn’t an exploitative relationship as a matter a fact, American and western women are even taking advantage of this service now, because professional women all over the world are now realizing that if they want a good man they’re going to have to be proactive.

I get that some of you may only consume information that portrays women as hating all men, but you have to get out of your comfort zones, I try to stimulate your minds in the newsletters, but there’s only so much I can say, you have to come and check out these singles tours for yourself. Why I recommend Foreign Affair is not only because they’re an American based company, but they go out of their way to schedule the best events, to make connections happen. Furthermore Foreign Affair is law-abiding, I can’t stress this enough that if you’re in America there are laws that must be followed, regulations that legitimate companies must adhere too, I want you to be on the right side, because you don’t want to get emotionally involved with someone only to find out that it will be extremely problematic for you to be together.

So again upcoming singles tour in July and August at Foreign Affair you can also use the Foreign Affair phone services, their email services, photo, and video services, but I want to again make it clear to the reader that women will take you much more seriously when you come and visit them. Yes, it can be a bit intimidating when there are 10 women for 1 guy, but like I’ve said the reason why the women outnumber the men is because most men don’t show up. Many of these women put on their best outfits to attend these events, so the men that actually show up are the men that typically have the best success, that’s been my experience, women want a man that will show up. So consider this when registering.

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