Is a Scam?

It seems as if a new adult dating site pops up every single day, some of them are part of larger dating networks which in the marketing arena are called niche dating sites meaning they’re sole purpose is to target a specific market to bring web visitors in a larger dating network. However in the case I would avoid signing up for it all together. Typically people use alexa to measure the amount of visitors therefore members a dating site receives. doesn’t have that many members

If you check the traffic rank you’ll easily see that this site doesn’t receives a lot traffic which means it can’t have a lot of members. As it stands today or in March 2012 I think should be avoided. If you’re looking for an adult dating site in my personal opinion and from my personal experience I think it’s a much better idea to join an adult dating network that has over 40 million members.

Bigger adult dating sites are better

Right now Adult Friend Finder is the best dating network online not only that Adult Friend Finder is also cheaper than Another thing I want to point out is that Adult Friend Finder has both male and female members if you look at the website you’ll notice that its target only male members which means it probably only has male. I’m not here to tell you what to do with your money however don’t say I didn’t tell you not sign up with!

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