Wildbuddies.com Review Is It a Scam?

To start it should be noted that Wildbuddies.com is operated by the cupid plc. network which is a network I’ve personally never had any success using. When I mention that cupid plc. I should point out that they have no association with Okcupid which by the way is another dating site I don’t like being that now it’s owned by the people that took over match. There is a lot of talk that Cupid plc. sites use bots I’m in no position to say whether this is true or not all I will say is I haven’t had any success using the this network which is the reason I’m reluctant to use Wildbuddies.com.

Personal thoughts on Wildbuddies.com

At first glance to be honest I had no idea that Wild buddies was a part of the cupid plc. network and I was just about to sign up but upon further inspection it came to my attention that they we’re a part of cupid plc. so I decided not to bother. For the record I should make it clear to every reader that I’ve tried almost all the dating sites online I’ve also tried all the adult cam sites online as well. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on these sites getting to the heart of online dating personally I’ve find online dating in general inexpensive compared to going out to a club and paying however the problem you run into with online dating and this is true for all sites is the quality of people you’ll meet.

Final thoughts on Wildbuddies.com

I don’t write blog posts to tell people what to do with their money so if you want to sign up with Wildbuddies.com don’t let me stop you I only write to give you my thoughts and my experience and what I will say is I haven’t had any success with the cupid plc. network I also would not recommend Wildbuddies.com to a friend or family members. That being said anyone reading this should be an adult and should be capable of making their own decisions so if you want to sign up Wild buddies don’t let me stop you I wish you all the best.

For those of you interested in knowing what my favorite adult dating website is the answer to that question is Adult Friend Finder. To keep this as short as possible the reason I am a fan of Adult Friend Finder is because I’ve had personal success using it. As some of you by now know Adult Friend Finder actually has more members than match.com it should also be noted that Adult Friend Finder was recently purchased by penthouse for 500 million dollars. Most people say they expected it to go for over a billion dollars however like I mentioned in previous posts Adult Friend Finder previously had a lot co-branded sites that weren’t doing their brand any good.

Is Adult Friend Finder for everyone I don’t think so but I do think Adult Friend Finder is and has been far ahead of the online dating game which is the reason why they’ve continued to grow by the thousands on a daily basis. On a personal noted note only have I met people using Adult Friend Finder but I’ve also been able to expand my own personal network because as most of  you who know me personally know already I am also in adult entertainment. One last thing before I end this post and this applies to both men and women if you’re going to join I recommend participating and becoming active if you’re shy, reserved, insecure or too nice I think you might to reconsider using any dating site.

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