Review is it a Scam?

I honestly don’t want to waste too much time talking about XXX Connect primarily because of where they’re located. I’ll put it like this most of the online dating companies located in Cyprus are scams. Once I see Cyprus i already know from prior experience that i won’t be joining that site. Another place where I’m skeptical is British virgin Islands. is not worth your time and the female profiles that they have on their site have been proven to be bought from a vendor.

Personal thoughts regarding

I was brought to via spam from one of their affiliates. I still don’t know why these idiots choose to spam me because once I get this information I’m telling all my buddies so we can get these idiots off the net. Yes people there are legitimate adult dating sites however the truth is not always as pretty as it sounds. is not legit however what these scam sites do is they alter peoples perception regarding adult dating which I find is slowly killing the best type of niche dating on the planet.

Final thoughts regarding

After review is clear that is a scam however I know some of you reading this will want to learn things the hard way so if you want to sign up with don’t let me stop you just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

If you’re looking for a legitimate adult dating site there is only one I recommend and that site is Adult friend Finder. Unlike other people or other so called review sites I only go with the site that has worked for ME. My story has always remained the same even while others keep changing their minds because scam sites promise to give them this or that to bad mouth the legit adult dating sites.

Most people don’t understand that Adult friend Finder has over 40 million members and has been online since 1996. Scams don’t last that long! I’ve been using Adult friend Finder since 1999 and I wouldn’t waste time using a site that wasn’t legit. I’m not here to guarantee anyone anything all i will say in this post is internet dating isn’t for everybody.

In the past I tried to explain to people how to use Adult friend Finder but they claimed my strategies didn’t work. What I’ll say is that’s your fucking problem not mine try treating people like people for a change and stop acting like you’re entitled to another human being. Nobody has to respond to you messages I live in a country where men and women have choices. From my experience Adult friend Finder works and it continues to work for me if it didn’t I would stop using them! One more last thing as you can see on their site they’re located in the United States Sunnyvale, California to be exact!

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