Is a Scam?

For those of you who did not submit any information to I will inform you that is a part of the second largest swinger’s network online which is currently This network is second for a reason and that reason stems from the fact that and the fling network have a hard time retaining their members, in my personal opinion this happens mainly because the organization of the network of sites is not efficient enough to keep members interested.

The reason I will not become an active member of

If you’ve ever signed up for before and there’s just something about it and I can’t quite point my finger on it that makes you feel bored and if I’m feeling bored using it I can only imagine how the women feel using it. Another thing I want to point out is that fling probably has the largest sales force in the adult online dating industry yet it still struggles with growth I left them a very long comment before I canceled my membership with them explaining what I thought they needed to change to make their site more inviting to members since then I still haven’t seen much of a change.

Final thoughts on

Like I said above is a part of the network which is one the largest adult dating websites online. I’ve used them before personally I didn’t have any complaints in regards to billing or anything but I will say that at this moment in 2011 I feel as though Adult friend Finder is still much better in terms of service and in terms of bringing and retaining women to the site. still can be a good option but until you’ve tried  Adult friend Finder you won’t know what you’re missing out on.


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