Review Is It a Scam?

I’ve been noticing that most of the larger tube sites now offer live cam which i guess is a great revenue generator I just wish wish they promote their cam sites the same way the promote their porn video’s. This is where I take the side of adult film producers, to even chat to a cam model they want you to immediately enter your name and email address. Compare that to Live Jasmine where you can chat to someone for free and only pay when you want to take your session private. Tube sites like offer free porn video’s yet you can’t even chat to their cam models for free?

Personal thoughts on

I’ve been in the adult industry and I have a pretty good idea on how things work on the marketing side and the thing that bothers me is the lack of consistency. Competition is great but their certain elements I don’t like and one of those things is what should be free and what shouldn’t be free. Personally I think chatting to a model should be free and I don’t think Cam models should have so much power over their customers.

The reality is you can’t tell these cam girls what to do I just think that there should more incentive on both sides to participate fairly. If a cam girl doesn’t want someone on their free chat they should be able to do that, but a person shouldn’t be asked  to give up their email etc just to be a free member. On top of this in my opinion their system of they collect payments costs the customer more.

Final thoughts on

I don’t think is a scam in any way shape or form however I don’t like their business model. Their fees are reasonable and I will admit that I find a lot of their models very attractive if you’re interested in trying them out I say do it you only live once. For those of you looking for an adult dating site that offers more than just cam models a site where you can meet other people that are into adult activities consider using Adult Friend Finder.

Cam models are in adult dating sites plus actual adult daters are there as well. Adult Friend Finder to date still remains my top recommended adult dating site. Does it work for everyone? No, tell me something that does? The difference with Adult Friend Finder compared to other adult online dating site is that it’s a low cost swingers dating site. Is everyone at Adult Friend Finder a swinger? No but that’s the theme of the site. Most swingers dating sites are very expensive I’ve tried them all including Ashley Madison from my perspective they’re not worth it nothing is guaranteed and why should I sign up for a swingers site that struggles to retain members and one that can’ty get people to upload photos.

Adult Friend Finder in my opinion has done and continues to do an excellent job bringing in new members last year they had 35 million this year 40 million and counting and this is without all the television ads that, eHarmony and others spend.

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