Review Is It a Scam?

To start let me point out that is part of the Together Networks Holdings Limited group of dating websites, I consider them a scam, so no I do not think FlirtyMature is legit based on my reviews. The Together Networks Holdings Limited company is known for hiding something, they’re a foreign-owned British Virgin Islands company located in the address you can view below:

Together Networks Holdings Limited P.O. Box 146 Trident Chambers Road Town Tortola British Virgin Islands, Terms of Use

What separates corporate entities from individuals are the laws that govern them, also liabilities, if an individual is used that individual can lose her/his personal belongings, but if a corporate entity is used they only lose property under the corporation. This is one of the reasons why I tell my readers to read the terms prior to signing up, I take things to the extreme and print terms prior to joining. Well, Flirty Mature and most of the Together Networks Holdings Limited websites make it difficult to print their terms.

Which tells me they have something to hide, it also is the first sign to me that they’re a scam. If you go to their terms page, printing and/or copying their terms can be a bit challenging. However, if you’re looking for a way to contact them below is some information I found by going here:

Name: Together Networks Holdings Limited
Address: P.O. Box 146, Trident Chambers, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Phone: 18006915793
Email for Customer services: support(@)

One other thing is the use of

detimiL sgnidloH skrowteN rehtegoT

which is used to keep people from knowing about the Together Networks Holdings Limited company. You can join FlirtyMature but remember that when you join Live Jasmin which is also a foreign company, they have nothing to hide. What you see with Live Jasmin is what you get which is why they continue to grow while and sites like it have to continue to recreate themselves.

Final thoughts regarding

Based on my reviews FlirtyMature is a scam, it’s not legit based on my reviews. With that said I don’t write these reviews to tell people what to do with their time or their money, I’m not sure what profiles on Flirty Mature are legit or fake, I’m also not even sure which profiles are part of their live webcam. So, any questions or concerns you have regarding should be sent to their staff directly.

If you’re looking for a legit adult dating website as many of you know I prefer American owned dating websites and when it comes to adult dating Adult Friend Finder is the best. If you’re new to adult dating a brief history about Adult Friend Finder is they’re a California company that began around 1996, initially they were servicing the swingers community. However, like everything else as their membership started to grow they started to service the entire adult community including the adult entertainment community, which is how I got into them.

Based on my reviews to date they’re the best, nothing really comes close when you combine all the features and offers they have, also there’s more incentive to join Adult Friend Finder for women, men and people who identify as other. So, a lot of the problems that occur at other dating website aren’t usually as problematic there. Plus because they offer a premium service you don’t have to worry as much about the problems that occur on free platforms. As many of you know I write extensively about this.

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