Review Is It a Scam?

Is Lust Hookup found at a scam? Well based on my reviews, yes it is, with that said I will also be fair and say there is transparency on the LustHookup website, because on the front page their website, they do give you a preview of what to expect if you decide to join their platform. Terms and Conditions

I’ve seen a lot of fraudulent dating websites, so a habit I have now is to skim through their terms and conditions prior to joining. When it comes to the Terms and Conditions of LustHookup they make it easier for you as they display relevant information about their service on the front page of their website. Current the following is stated on the front page of

By proceeding I acknowledge and agree that this Site includes Online Cupids® which are fantasy profiles operated by the site for entertainment and compliance. Online Cupids® may interact with users to encourage full participation in the Site’s services, procedures, and options.

Now, one of the reasons I often write extensively about Live Jasmin which is a live webcam sex chat community is because dating sites that admit to having fictitious members are time-consuming, because users can’t tell which members are legit and which are fakes. At the very least when you join Live Jasmin you don’t have to worry about fake members.

If you read the LustHookup terms it clearly states the following

You understand, acknowledge, and agree that some of the user profiles posted on this site may be fictitious and operated by the Site or its contractors. These profiles and related messages are conspicuously labeled with the Online Cupids logo

If you join, you’ll better understand the point I’m making and why I compare their service to Live Jasmin and why I think the latter is a far superior option.

Final thoughts regarding

Again based on my reviews, LustHookup is not legit and is indeed a scam, I will not be recommending them at this time, however I don’t want to sound all negative, so I will say that LustHookup is not the worst scam I’ve reviewed, at the very least they have some transparency. Any questions or concerns you have regarding Lust Hookup should be sent to their staff directly.

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