Review Is It a Scam?

I’m beginning to see a lot of these ‘Amour Feel’ sites online, so in my curiosity, I signed up to see what was going on but based on my research Amour Feel currently found at will not get my endorsement. I’m not going to call a scam or a fraud, but I’m not going to call them legit either, because based on my reviews, their Terms Of Use as well as their Disclosures & Disclaimers is a bit sketchy.

I’m a huge fan of Foreign Affair for one primary reason and that reason is, that Foreign Affair is not only a dating websites, it’s an introductions service meaning the images and profiles of the members you’ll see can be verified by meeting the member in person. AmourFeel which states on its website is “an online site with a focus on communication with Russians” berries in its terms o use as well as its disclaimer in which they make sure to separate members from Validated Member.

Validated Members Suppliers’ and Personal Meetings

So as many of us who have tried international dating online know, there are tons of scammers that will waste your time, to the credit of, they’ve tried to address via their member validation process, however, where AmourFeel falls short in my opinion is that once you familiarise yourself with their terms namely section “2. PAID FEATURES FOR MEMBERS” they offer little in comparison to what’s available on Foreign Affair.

Now again this doesn’t make AmourFeel a scam, but I don’t see where AmourFeel is offering an added value? They’re basically an online service. When it comes to international dating the reason there so many Foreign Affair Verifiable Testimonials is because their online component is only one of the many options they offer.

Foreign Affair is an introductions service, meaning their entire operation revolves around you meeting in person, when you go to the Foreign Affair website, the professionally taken photos are done to show the dedication the women have to finding a partner.

The East is different from the West in that the women understand that life is short, so for many of them, they comprehend that age is nothing but a number in the grand scheme of life. In the West, a lot of women, if they allow themselves, will find themselves aged and alone, without ever really going after love.

On the Foreign Affair website, most of the women who join do so with the intention to find someone. I always recommend that if you’re going to join Foreign Affair do so with the intent of meeting someone, do not assume that these women can’t find another partner. The Testimonials you’ll watch and read about are from men who TOOK ACTION!.

My issue with AmourFeel is that taking action using their service can be challenging, which is why I highly recommend you read the Terms Of Use as well as their Disclosures & Disclaimers prior to joining.

Final thoughts regarding

I’ve reviewed quite a few international dating websites, and ‘Amour Feel’ is not the worst I’ve seen. I wouldn’t call them a scam, it’s just that I know too much about this industry to give them my recommendation.

The partner I’m with now was not born in this country, I know first hand the challenges which is why I won’t call a scam but I won’t call them legit either. I’m neutral and will not be recommending to anyone at this time. Any questions or concerns you have regarding should be sent to their staff directly.

Now, one of the things you’ll want to notice about Foreign Affair that makes them different from, is that Foreign Affair has a physical address, a phone number and hosts actual PHYISCAL meet and greet events.

As I point out in the above paragraphs Foreign Affair has Verifiable Testimonials in pictorial, audio, video and written formats. I’ve used them, which is why I recommend them, they give you a life-changing experience, the renew your hope in finding love.

A lot of us men are rigid in our beliefs and all I can tell you is you may have to get outside of your comfort zone. Foreign Affair is an introductions service, they’ve been operational since 1995, they’re IMBRA compliant(International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 = IMBRA) and they’re knowledgable and experienced about the industry, which is extremely valuable when it comes to international dating. I hate wasting time and they’ve saved me a lot of time finding love.

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