The Art of Not giving a fuck About What Women Say or Think About You

The Art of Not giving a fuck About What Women Say or Think About You

The Art of Not giving a fuck About What Women Say or Think About You

If you’re young whether male or female or anything in between, take hed of these words as they will bless you in life if comprehend the argument I’m attempting make. If you’re younger than 34 years of age, the number one thing you need to protect and cherish in your country of origin is your freedoms. Do not allow some slimeball politician, dictator, or businessperson to decide your destiny for you. The First Amendment in the United States is very important to PRO-CREATION which is the number one reason for me writing this article.

New innovations, new ideas, new concepts come via freedom and one of the reasons a lot of men are having trouble with attracting women is that men are being taught to look at women as superiors instead of equals. Many of you reading this have unfortunately been brainwashed into giving a fuck about what a woman thinks or says about you.

Unless her words can damage your reputation at your job or land you in jail, you shouldn’t give a fuck about anything, any woman says or thinks about you. Whatever a woman thinks about you is her own business. If a woman thinks enough of you to have a conversation about you, that means that you’ve done something that caught her attention and maybe she simply hasn’t gotten to know the real you yet.

If you’re a great person, allow a woman’s mind to wander, your job is to focus on being the sexiest man you can be. If you want a woman to fall deeply in love with you you have to know deep down inside that you’re worthy of being loved.

When you know that you’re worthy of being loved, and you’re not breaking any laws, who cares what a woman thinks, she may in fact be the problem and not you. A lot of women project their insecurities onto other people, which is why a lot of women like drama

If you’re a man worthy of being loved, you should hate drama, you’re trying to avoid drama, and men that avoid drama tend to come across as men who don’t give a fuck. If she’s going to be a problem for my life, I let her go, I don’t care how pretty she is, all pussy feels the same after you fuck it enough times.

Sure as men we all love to see a pretty face and pretty body on our dicks moaning like we’re the best thing since sliced bread, but sex is a fleeting moment and If you want a woman to fall in love with you you have to imagine sex with a woman for what it is and not what your mind is imagining it to be when you’re face to face with a beautiful woman.

This simple concept can be difficult for some men to grasp which is why The 10 day Crash Course on Getting Women To Like You exists. For many of you reading this, you don’t want to accept that maybe just maybe all of those school teachers and people you trusted as a child we’re secretly trying to hold you back from finding your true potential.

Humans are competitive, and most humans secretly want to enslave you and they’ll say words and write laws to do this. A lot of humans would rather keep you brainwashed or ignorant because it makes you easier to control.

Without civilized men, civil society crumbles, this is not a knock on women, but women in civil society are supposed to be the icing on the cake for men and not our masters. It’s rare that you find women that can do what men can do, but in Western societies, many of you have been brainwashed into believing that just because a select few women are high achievers that all women demand the same respect, NO! treat all women as individuals who you want to get to know better.

When you get to actually know a woman, you might find yourself not wanting to fuck her, for most men they figure this out AFTER they’ve fucked her or worse impregnated her.

You’re the prize, in most countries women are considered liabilities by men, why?

Because if she’s consuming more than she’s producing and you live in a poor country, you’re basically her slave, this, of course, is why in some countries you’ll see a bunch of beautiful single women, because the men who grew up in these countries have already done the math in their heads and if she’s not producing more than she’s consuming it’s only going to get worse from there.

In western countries, we have something called the “Welfare State” this welfare state which is purely an economic construction by Western governments creates all sorts of social distortions which help to inflate the egos of most Western women. Because as many men learn later in their lives a lot of single women are dependent on the government for their economic survival.

For men who grew up admiring their mothers, this can be a hard thing to wrap their minds around. But in general, a lot of women are being incentivized to be problematic to men. Why waste my life with this stupid man when the government will take care of me even if I’m a bitch? In CIVIL western societies, women have a plethora of options, benefits, and privileges men will NEVER have.

It’s laughable to most people to imagine a female teacher being put in prison for raping an underage male student. Are these young men not attractive? Who brainwashed you into thinking that some older women don’t like younger guys? There’s a laundry list of men who will tell you that they were raped or taken advantage of by an older woman.

But society has taught us that the woman is the prize and the man should feel privileged to have been raped or taken advantage of by an older woman. Whenever a woman commits a crime, the cop or authority figure will usually show her more leniency than the authority figure would have shown had she been a man.

If you have children, you know the court’s side with the women, if you’ve been married before, usually, the courts’ side with the women, if you’re a business owner and you hire female employees, the law will usually side with the woman(s) that file a grievance against you, in fact, your legal representation will usually try to convince you to settle with the women even if the charges are untrue.

When people talk about the wage pay gap, what’s often INTENTIONALLY ignored is that the reason women tend to earn less than men is that women on average work less than men work. But you see, keeping men brainwashed or ignorant of the facts, makes men imagine women to be their superiors so it’s only natural that a lot of men will give a fuck about what a woman thinks of them.

The purpose of this article is to for you to look at women as individuals and see them as equals. All pussy is the same after you fuck enough times, yes like you, I love having sex with a pretty body and pretty face, but if she’s going to make my life a living hell, I’ll pass!

I don’t give a fuck because I know the liabilities and costs associated with dating or marrying the wrong woman!. If you like this article I ask that you share it with a friend and have a discussion about it.

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