Review Is It a Scam?

Based on my reviews AsiaDate found at is basically a landing page for, which based on a previous review I wrote is not a scam but I won’t exactly call it legit either because I only recommend international dating websites or services which are dedicated to people meeting each other in real life.

Personal thoughts regarding

If you’ve tried most international dating websites, you’d quickly find out that many of them are either online live webcam services or they’re online dating websites with a lot of scammers and fake non-serious members. I often compare most international dating websites to Live Jasmin which is a live webcam sex chat service, because a lot of the members are hired to work for the international dating website.

Legitimate international dating services like Foreign Affair are focused on in-person meetings. When you visit the Foreign Affair website, you’ll notice that what they’re basically promoting is a physical introduction to their female members, who voluntarily joined the Foreign Affair introductions service because they genuinely wanted to meet a man for dating and possibly for marriage.

When you read the Foreign Affair testimonials you’ll notice how many there are, that’s because when you join Foreign Affair you’re not only signing up for their online services, you’re joining to meet the members in person. My issue with is that it’s an online dating service and international dating can become complicated if it’s not done correctly.

Final thoughts regarding

I wouldn’t go as far as to call a scam, because I’ve reviewed dating websites that are blatant scams, but I also will not call them legit nor will I recommend them at this time. Any questions you have regarding should be sent to their staff directly.

Unlike Foreign Affair doesn’t make it easy for you to contact them. I like to point out that Foreign Affair is American owned and it has a physical address and phone number. Foreign Affair actually hosts live real events, when I invite people to join us on the Foreign Affair it’s hard for many of them to comprehend that this service even exists.

If you’re over 40 and you’re having a hard time attracting younger ladies I strongly recommend you join us at Foreign Affair, because the women who join don’t emphasize your age, they’re looking for love and they don’t want the extra drama that typically comes with marrying a Western Woman.

The women at the Foreign Affair events outnumber the men for one reason and one reason only, a lot of men do not show up for our events. Don’t assume that hen you see a picture of a beautiful woman on Foreign Affair that she’ll be there a few months from now, a lot of the members who join Foreign Affair join in hopes that you will show up for an event, which is why I encourage the reader of this post to take this opportunity seriously. This is more than just an online dating website it’s an introductions service.

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