Review Is It a Scam?

Based on my reviews “BDSM Kink Community and Personals” currently found at is legit and not a scam. Although I’m not a personal member of, they’re part of a dating network that I’m still a member of. What I will say regarding is that because it’s a niche website it may not have as many members as other adult-themed dating websites.

Personal thoughts regarding

BDSM came to my attention recently, as a member of Adult Friend Finder from time to time you learn about some of their niche dating websites. I knew of a few years ago. I believe has been around a lot longer than BDSM and both services serve the sea purpose.

Now obviously if you join if you want to meet someone in person, your location plays a big factor, however with the evolving regulatory environment for adult dating, also has entertainment features for people who might live in a small city or town and have no means to physically share their alternative sex lifestyle with. This is of course what makes so popular in this space and why I assume was also launched.

Final thoughts regarding

Again based on my reviews BDSM is legit and not a scam, in the interest of fairness to the reader, I’m currently not a member of BDSM as I’m only a member of Adult Friend Finder. Any questions or concerns you have regarding would be directed to their staff directly.

A few years ago I did a full review of and I concluded that it’s legit, however, your city does play a massive role in your success. If you have no interest in meeting up in person, is great but if you’re looking for physical meetups, is better suited for people living in larger cities, this community is small in comparison to the overall dating community, so you might need to be a member for a lot longer to find success.

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