Review Is It a Scam?

Based on my reviews “Bride Online” currently found at is legit and not a scam, they have a toll-free number which is currently 1-866-Y-SINGLE (1-866-974-6453), you can contact them currently by going to, you can call or email them with any questions you might have. Although they look amateurish, it’s quite normal for international introduction services to look this way, because their services revolve around meeting in person.

As of the date I’m publishing this BrideOnline is owned by The Inspirations Company LLC, I’ve personally never used their services to meet anyone, but I know people who have, they’re legit, but they’re a smaller operation compared to the service I recommend. I’m writing this in 2022, and the nation of Ukraine was invaded by the Russian government,

If you’re a member of Foreign Affair as I recommend, you’d know that a lot of the Ukrainian women have migrated, temporarily or permanently to bordering or nearby nations such as Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Uzbekistan. So if you’re going to join us at Foreign Affair for reasons of transparency you should be aware that some of the women whose locations might be in the aforementioned nations might be Ukrainian.There are also Russian members at Foreign Affair also.

Personal thoughts regarding

Based on my reviews it should be noted that is an American-owned company, located in Illinois with a legit phone number 1-866-974-6453, it’s a small American business, something I try to support. But I can not claim to be an active member of their services, because I’m not. Foreign Affair is the service I recommend because it’s the service I used, they’re also American owned and currently very active in resettling their members affected by the war.

Similar to the Foreign Affair service is located in the United States, they have a physical address and offer in-person meetups as part of their service. If you’re unaware both Foreign Affair and are introduction services. With Foreign Affair they’re obviously a larger and more successful introduction service which has allowed them to actually help people during this challenging times.

But again if you’re joining Foreign Affair in 2022 or later, a lot of the Ukrainian women might be located in different parts of Europe, but a lot of them are originally from Ukraine, keep that in mind when you join and begin messaging or getting messages from other members.

Final thoughts regarding

Based on my reviews, BrideOnline is legit and not a scam I do think they’re a scam. Because I’m not an active member of theirs I will not be recommending at this time. With that said any questions or concerns you have regarding should be directed to their staff directly. Their current phone number is 1-866-974-6453 or you can contact them on their website.

Yes I know their terms and other pages need some improvements, that’s not something I’ll comment on in this post, it’s why in good faith I can’t recommend them, however you can message them with all of your concerns.

When it comes to international dating or meeting Latin, Asian or European women, I’d say consider Foreign Affair which is not only a dating website, it’s an actual introductions service, meaning that you meet the women that interest you in person as opposed to ONLY chatting online.

Their audio, pictorial, written and video Testimonials were all written by actual clients who found success using this service. I write about Foreign Affair because most mature men don’t have time to waste on women who aren’t serious about matchmaking.

When it comes to Foreign Affair the only limitation is you, now why you should act fast is because no member is guaranteed to remain single forever. Just like any dating service it’s a first come first serve. Lastly, Foreign Affair is an American-owned company, that’s IMBRA compliant and they can help make the entire interaction as smooth as legally possible. They’re who you go to if you want a professional matchmaking service.

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