Review Is It a Scam

So based on my reviews Date International found at is legit and not a scam, you can actually verify this for yourself by calling their phone number, which is something I make a habit of doing whenever I research an international dating service.

Now, based on my reviews, DateInt appears to be associated or affiliated with Foreign Affair, which is a service that I use and am a member of personally. I don’t recommend it unless I use it. But I have to point out something about Foreign Affair and that is that their focus is on meeting in person.

Foreign Affair is all about in person meetings and they’re a USA based company, with a physical address, legitimate, pictorial, written and video testimonials, they also have a radio show, so they’re as legit as they come, which is the only reason I use their services.


My personal thoughts regarding

Because is eerily similar to Foreign Affair I signed up and noticed that it has a similar or the same database as Foreign Affair so in my opinion it’s 100% legit.

Now, I have to tell the story for what it is, and that is that if you’re going to join Date Int or Foreign Affair be warned ahead of time that these services don’t focus on online dating, their focus revolves around meeting your love interest in person.

I’m writing this post on May 21, 2020, in the middle of what’s called Covid-19 or Coronavirus, maybe by the time you’re reading this COVID-19 is a distant memory, but right now would be a great time to get involved with Foreign Affair or Date Int, because the travel and tourism industry is suffering through a deflationary economic period, which bodes well for you if you want to get a Foreign Affair vacation on the cheap.

I love to travel and I’ll definitely be taking advantage of these inevitable great deals. I say this because as you can probably tell DateInt is all about meeting in person and their online service is complimentary service.

Final Thoughts Regarding

Again based on my reviews or Date International is legit and not a scam, they’re more catered to a more mature audience, it’s a premium service, in which if you join, if I were you, I’d join with the expectation that I’m going to visit the women who interest me. As i the case with international dating, is a service in which age is nothing but a number so any person seeking love at any age is free to join and the women who join aren’t superficial like they are here in Western nations.

The women who join services like or Foreign Affair are genuinely looking for love, life is sort after all and as I tell my daughters, don’t allow mainstream media or popular culture to dictate your happiness, I personally don’t like being alone, that’s why I’m a member of and recommend legit international dating services like or Foreign Affair because in the end, if you’re like me you want a companion.

With that said any questions or concerns you have regarding should be sent to their staff directly. Find your happiness today life is shorter than you think!

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