Review Is It a Scam?

To start based on my reviews ‘Find Asian Beauty’ found at is owned by ‘AML Network Ltd’ which is the same company that owns and as I’ve stated in that post I don’t think they’re legit and I do think they’re a scam.

I’d like to point out that I first heard about via spam email messages, they or their affiliates were spamming the heck out of my email, when I tried to remove myself from their email list the spam emails increased, this is what led me to do a review of them and my conclusion was fake pictures, live webcams of paid members and fake profiles.

Personal thoughts regarding

So international dating is filled with a lot of scams and I often try to put things in their proper context. What’s happening a lot now is that live webcam sex chat services are being disguised as international dating websites.

So I often write about Live Jasmin which is a transparent live webcam sex chat service and how fake international dating sites like try to use that model to trick people into joining. Legit international dating websites revolve around meeting in person, if you’re unaware there are international laws governing international dating, I often write about The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 or IMBRA, which doesn’t seem like a big deal until you find that special someone.

Legit international introduction services like Foreign Affair have an online dating component to their service, but their entire service revolves around the two people meeting in person. When you visit the Foreign Affair website, you’d be wise to scroll down to their testimonials, because they have written, pictorial, audio, and video testimonials which can better give you a better understanding of what a legitimate international dating experience entails. Sure chatting online is nice, but eventually, you want to meet in person correct?

Furthermore, the users of Foreign Affair are very serious about finding someone to marry and that’s why men of all ages are encouraged to join. When it comes to marriage-minded women, they’re looking for a GOOD man!

Women using Foreign Affair are encouraged to put their best foot forward, which is why you’ll see a lot of professionally taken photos. As I like to point out life is short and the people who take themselves seriously take their dating profiles seriously. I write this mainly to show you the seriousness involved in international dating.

Final thoughts regarding

Based on my reviews FindAsianBeauty is not legit and is indeed a scam, with that said, don’t let that stop you from joining them. I write these posts for informational purposes only, I will not be recommending Find Asian Beauty found at at this time. Any questions or concerns you have regarding should be sent to their staff directly.

If you’d like to know another reason why I recommend Foreign Affair it’s because unlike FindAsianBeauty, Foreign Affair proudly shows it’s contact information.

Foreign Affair has a physical verifiable U.S address, a legitimate phone number a staff and history of excellence.

All the testimonials you’ll find on Foreign Affair are legitimate and again if you can see the women for yourself if you go to one of their many Dating Social Events. I hope you understand the seriousness I’m trying to convey here because it’s important to me that if you’re looking for love that you don’t miss out on this opportunity, life is short and I know that a lot of men don’t want to be alone.

I advise men reading this that you should join a dating agency like Foreign Affair that puts substance ahead of age, meaning that your intelligence, your hard work, your caring attitude is better served with a beautiful woman who can appreciate it. You don’t have to sell yourself short. If you’re looking for love regardless of your age you should seriously consider this offer.

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