Review Is It a Scam?

If you’re going to join Flirt Chat Bot just remember to do so with the intention of having fun and not physically meeting anyone. Unlike some of the other TrafficPartner B.V. dating themed services, FlirtChatBot is a little bit more transparent with their business operations. As an example CURRENTLY at the bottom of the FlirtChatBot website it states the following:

The portal is a social network for men and women looking for chats and interesting contacts. In addition to the thousands of new registrations every day, you also have the possibility to chat with virtual online profiles in our virtual entertainment world, although real meetings with them are not possible. The decision to meet with real profiles is always at the discretion of our members

A lot of the TrafficPartner B.V. websites aren’t this transparent and people will join thinking that they’re chatting with someone they can meet.

Personal thoughts regarding

If you’re joined FlirtChatBot for an erotic chatting experience, I think there are better services out there like Live Jasmin as an example, but if you joined to meet someone, I don’t know if they have the best platform to do that.

Personally I don’t think is legit, I think it’s a scam, but at the very least they’re transparent. If you’re looking for an erotic chat and you compare with Live Jasmin you’ll see that Live Jasmin is the clear winner and furthermore Live Jasmin has nothing to hide, they’re way more transparent than

Lastly what I don’t like about is how they handle your personal information, make sure you read their terms and conditions prior to joining them.

Final thoughts regarding

Personally I don’t think is legit I do think they’re a scam, but they do have some transparency on their website, so what I will say is FlirtChatBot is not the biggest scam I’ve ever reviewed. With that said I won’t be recommending at this time, any question you have should be directed to their staff directly.

If you’re looking for a legit adult dating website, based on my reviews which spanned for 3 months Adult Friend Finder is by far the best. So I’m transparent about my review, Adult Friend Finder is an American owned company, they’ve been online since 1996 and like any other company, results will vary.

My reviews of Adult Friend Finder come as result of my location I live in a major city, my profile, I have a full profile there and my activity which has now spanned years, because I’m still a member. I’ll never call any dating website perfect, but Adult Friend Finder combined dating with entertainment while at the same time being legally compliant. So features they can’t add because of laws and regulations, which is why I always give lengthy reviews of legit dating websites.

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