FlixCrew.com Review Is It a Scam? Richard La Ruina and Flix Crew Reviews

Currently, “Flix Crew” that’s currently found at FlixCrew.com is a promotional webpage for a live webcam sex chat service (“jerkmate”) and dating advice website (“Hacking Attraction”). Both of those two particular services are indeed legit. If FlixCrew is promoting something else, I have no comment as I can’t possibly know how many different promotions FlixCrew has going on at any given time, all I can comment on are the services I was presented with, which will be determined based on how you answer the question on their promotional page.

Let’s compare FlixCrew.com Promotions

In comparison to the FlixCrew “Hacking Attraction” offer, there’s also the option of trying Revolutionary Sex which is comparatively well done, I tried both, and I’d say both are worthy of consideration, especially if this is part of your life that you’re trying to get under control. When you join Revolutionary Sex do not rush the process, I know a lot of young people they want results yesterday, but you have to allow the information in Revolutionary Sex to become part of your personality and inner game; you don’t want women imagining you’re a PRETENDER or a fraud.

When you join Revolutionary Sex don’t be cheap, this is not the time to be frugal, we’re talking about your sex life here, the information at Revolutionary Sex can serve you for a LIFETIME, and if you ignore it, you will end up let those lonely older men, who have no sex-ventures to talk about. Get this part of your life handled.

Final Thoughts Regarding FlixCrew.com

In closing, FlixCrew.com appears legit and not a scam. I’m not recommending them, but if they have the answers you’re looking for, being that they’re basically a promotion take them up on their offer, I think Live Jasmin is a better option to JerkMate, I’ve tried them both, Live Jasmin is just better if you ask me.

Hacking Attraction” is great, and to be frank, if you’re trying to get this part of your life handled, don’t be frugal; those of you in sales and business marketing know what I’m talking about. There are times to be cheap; learning how to get laid is NOT one of those times. When you’re learning to get laid you want to DIGEST as much of the game as possible so you know what you’re doing when you meet an attractive woman.

If you’re in sales, you attend as much training as possible to get different perspectives, so when the time calls for it, you can REMEMBER the information you digested in times prior; that’s why both Revolutionary Sex and Hacking Attraction are okay with me, making money and knowing how to get laid are not the times to be frugal, this type of information will serve you for a lifetime.

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