A Foreign Affair International Matchmakers The Good The Bad and The Ugly

So about 15 years ago I began WRITING about my favorite international dating service, and when I began writing and my posts caught some people’s attention, they began to join ignoring the financial component of using the service. I got some people upset when it came to my attention that the fees associated with joining this service were above the threshold some wanted to pay.

So from that point on, I began to write that Foreign Affair was better served for mature men who were financially capable of joining. This even to this very day doesn’t go over well with men who find Foreign Affair too expensive, what I like to point out is think about how much money you spend when you’re dating domestically? or how much money you might end up wasting marrying someone domestically deep down you know isn’t the one for you?

I argue that Foreign Affair SAVES you money in the long term, because the Russian, Ukrainian, Asian and Latin beauties you’ll find on Foreign Affair are not bombarded with ideas which are often detrimental to the mental health of Western Women.

Because I’ve written books on this subject, I’m not going to write too much information on this free posting, but it’s the truth, you save a lot of money dating internationally especially if you use Foreign Affair but the upfront costs might seem pricey IF you’re unwilling to travel and meet these women.

The fear of travel is ugly truth regarding Foreign Affair that’s were most men rebel, they feel like they’re taking on too much risk, they’re intimidated when they watch the Foreign Affair shows and see rooms where the women clearly outnumber the number.

Now, if watching the videos on Foreign Affair doesn’t make you a bit nervous or scared, you’re the exception not the norm, most men will hide their insecurities and create myths in their head as to why what Foreign Affair is offering has to be a scam.

Also, a lot of the men do not like the out of pocket expense, I tend to find that self-employed, contractors, businessmen etc. understand Foreign Affair a lot better than SOME wage employees because most people in business know that there is a COST of doing business, whereas if you’re used to getting paid from a boss, you’re not used to paying upfront for things or taking risks that involve traveling outside of comfort zone.

For most mature men, we love adventure, taking up Foreign Affair on their offer is small potatoes, why we use their service is to see how hot and potentially aggressive these women are in person. If you’re a man who is used to taking risks, Foreign Affair is a fun adventure.

But if Foreign Affair is too much for you to handle, don’t feel bad about yourself, because there’s a reason why the women outnumber the men, most men are too scared to show up, that’s why 10% of the people own 99% percent of the wealth of world, most people are paralyzed by fear and therefore won’t take the same risks other men take without thinking twice.

I wish you nothing but the best in your pursuit of love!

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