Fuckbooksite Review Is It a Scam?

Just keeping so I’m clear fuck book site or fuckbooksite.com is actually fuckbook.com or Fuckbook.tv, so if you’re wondering why this review is so short it’s because I’ve written about this scam already. So based on my reviews, no Fuckbooksite.com is not legit and is indeed a scam. Now, if you could care less about what I write in this post I’ll give you a brief explanation as to why I think Fuckbooksite.com is a scam.

Fuckbooksite Terms of Use and ICEBREAKER MESSAGES

If you’re going to join Fuckbooksite.com consider reading their Terms of Use and the section that reads ICEBREAKER MESSAGES, which basically alludes to why I call them a scam. With that said, by today’s standards Fuckbooksite.com is not the worst scammer online, I’ve actually reviewed dating websites that do far worse than what Fuckbooksite.com is doing. With that said consider reading their terms namely the sections that read:

fuckbooksite.coms primary purpose is to provide an adult entertainment experience. The Service enables Users to connect with each other, exchange pictures, stories, fantasies and contact and engage in conversation with other User.

If all that isn’t a big deal to you, all I’ll say is if you join and you see what appears to be strange behavior on Fuckbooksite.com, well that’s what I mean when I say it’s a scam. It’s hard to know who is real from who is fake when you join Fuckbooksite.com. Now, yes there is a live webcam sex chat service on Fuckbooksite.com, but it’s not as good as Live Jasmin at least by my standards, you can do your own side by side comparisons if you want, but the main reason why Live Jasmin can stand on its own while other sites have to resort to scammy tactics is because when you join Live Jasmin you’ll notice the value especially when you join and then compare what you get at Live Jasmin to what you’d get at Fuckbooksite.com, see for yourself.

Final thoughts regarding Fuck book site

Based on my reviews Fuckbooksite.com is not legit and is a scam, with that said I don’t write these posts to tell you what to do with your time or your money, so if you want to join Fuckbooksite don’t let me stop you, just don’t say I didn’t warn you. Any questions or concerns you have regarding Fuckbooksite.com should be sent to their staff directly.

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