Hookupers.com Review Is It a Scam?

To start I have to make it clear that I only know of Hookupers.com because of a spam email message, had they not spammed me continuously I wouldn’t even know they existed.

Based on my reviews “Hookupers” currently found at Hookupers.com owned by Digital International Inc. is a scam and not legit, if I were you I wouldn’t join believing that the Hookupers members are real, in the Hookupers.com terms which I’ll point out later, it shows that they have fake members.

Currently, Hookupers is owned by a company in the

Republic of the Marshall Islands

called Digital International Inc. More information about them is below.

Digital International Inc.,
Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake
Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro,
Republic of the Marshall Islands
MH 96960
E-mail: support[@]hookupers.com

based on my reviews before considering to join Hookupers join Live Jasmin which is a live webcam sex chat service first. Because at the very least they’re transparent.

Hookupers.com Terms & conditions

If you’re going to join Hookupers do yourself a favor and at the very least skim through their Terms & conditions namely section 9.5 where it states the following:

9.5. For the purposes of provision of Service to you via the Website during
the hours of low attendance, we may register an artificial intelligence-driven
profiles as Members so that you may continue using Website and chatting with
other Members uninterruptedly when the number of active Members is decreasing.

In case you’re wondering why I’m always a huge supporter of Live Jasmin it’s because they’re transparent, their service doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. A reminder that I only added a snippet of the Hookupers.com terms and conditions, you can read the entire thing for yourself.

With Live Jasmin at the very least, you know you’re chatting with REAL PEOPLE, not fictive profiles.

Final thoughts regarding Hookupers.com

Based on my reviews Hookupers.com is a scam and not legit, I remind the reader this post is only being made because of a spam email that was sent to me. Join Hookupers at your own risk I do not recommend Hookupers.com any questions you have for them should be sent to their staff directly.

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