An international dating coach is not necessary, mature men wanted

A famous, professional dating coach isn’t necessary to find love in 2020, what’s needed is for you to be a mature man. This free post I’m writing is primarily for my supporters and the growing number of people who have volunteered to leave their testimonials at Foreign Affair after they realized that what I had been writing about for years is in fact true.

Relationship coaches vs. Dating Coaches

I always say if you’re going to get relationship coaching advice, make sure your coach isn’t single. Humans are different each and every single one of us humans are different and the reality is sometimes all some of us need is someone to talk to, meaning we need someone to listen.

But taking advice from a relationship professional doesn’t mean that their advice is good long-term advice. The same is true about Dating coach, a dating coach basically wants to turn you into someone else. Unless you want to be a mirror image of your dating coach, don’t bother paying some idiot thousands of dollars to teach you how to date, because as I often argue dating is a reflection of culture.

Western Civilization, Feminism, and Relationships

Although there are women in Western societies who feel oppressed by the patriarchy in 2020, the reality is women have been liberated from the patriarchy from about 1970s, what’s actually happened is that there are a lot of women who can’t afford to maintain their standard of living without a hard-working partner.

Modern-day Feminism has dissolved in socialism, now I don’t want this to be a political piece, but socialism requires the redistribution of resources and capital and this growing demand by some women has created a culture of entitlement, which has leaked into the domestic dating market. Furthermore, a lot of men are being raised in single-mother homes, which has resulted in a lot of men thinking the way the average WESTERN woman thinks.

Now, this is neither good nor bad in my book, it’s just that, this could give some women inflated egos or a sense of belief that they can do no wrong. Now in a normal society, void of a Welfare State, a woman can be a feminist all she wants, but if she can’t pay her bills and the government can’t pay her bills for her, the woman is forced to take a more practical approach to life, her dating life included.

A Relationship is about trade-offs

Human relationships aren’t about governments, monarchs or cultures making decisions for individuals, it’s about individuals making trade-offs amongst themselves. Why I tell men to consider Foreign Affair is because it will challenge your idea of what a relationship is supposed to be.

In western society, we’re taught that men should submit to women when the reality points in the other direction at least the economic reality. It’s not to say that there aren’t women who can make a fantastic living without a man, but the truth is these women are rare.

Physical beauty is also fleeting, sure a woman can use her physical attractiveness to get by while she’s young, but there comes a time in a woman’s life when the men stop looking and the only tool she has at her disposal to attract a man is her personality.

Some women are able to comprehend that their physical beauty is a short period in their lives faster than other women can, and it’s these women that you’ll see on Foreign Affair taking extra care in their presentations.

Now, as a man I have to warn other men, not to assume these beautiful women you’ll see on Foreign Affair are stupid, no a lot of the women on Foreign Affair are very intelligent women, that are worthy of your respect. They’re also worthy of a visit from you, but I also must add, taking up my offer on a Foreign Affair singles tour requires you to be a man!

Most men are not really men when they’re surrounded by attractive women. Most men are terrified to even think about being outnumbered by women. Well, this is what happens when most men are at nightclubs, bars or singles events hosted by Foreign Affair, the men are outnumbered. The difference with Foreign Affair is that unlike nightclubs and other socials events, the women who attend these Foreign Affair are looking for love.

If you go to most nightclubs in the United States, Austalia, Canada or the U.K the women who attend these clubs can say things like “I’m taken”, “I’m here only to get out and to have a good time” or some other excuse, plus in many instances, as I’ve stated before, via the welfare state that exists, there’s a sense of comfort for a woman that she doesn’t need a man.

Now, even in the western world, understand that there are women who view the world more realistically, but similar to most men, these women might be too shy or too scared to articulate themselves as they don’t want to be perceived in a negative light.

Understand that a lot of men and women aren’t mature. As a mature man, don’t always assume that you’re the problem. Sometimes you’re simply in the wrong environment, you may have also been conditioned to believe that international dating is wrong. Someone may have conditioned you already to see the world in the same way they see it.

In economics, regulations can ruin entire industries, regulations can ruin people’s lives when something in your life is being regulated by an invisible hand and the self-imposed regulation has nothing to do with anything immoral or illegal, you could be regulating yourself into depression.

I say it all the time give Foreign Affair a chance if you’re finding it difficult to date domestically, why wouldn’t you think outside the box? A dating coach isn’t necessary for my opinion, what’s necessary is a reminder that you have options in life. We’re free to pursue our own individual happiness, what I will say is my proposal to you requires maturity.

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