International dating using Reviewed

In our private international dating group, we kept getting complaints about OkCupid? We ignored it for almost 3 years, so this goes back to 2019, 2020, and 2021 because OkCupid has always been a legit dating website based on our reviews, so we all assumed it was one of those things where some members weren’t finding any success and they do what people do, which is they complain, write a negative review and tell everyone to avoid OkCupid like the plague.

Long story short we all decided what the hell let’s prove these guys wrong, we sign up and we all get some messages a few likes and start communicating and then come to find out that some of the local people messaging us, weren’t local at all, not only were some of them not local, some of them were dudes pretending to girls. Now, sure this happens, but I was shocked at how rampant it was.

Now, to be clear, there are legitimate users on OkCupid, it’s just that we didn’t expect to encounter so many fraudulent profiles on such a respectable dating application. apparently, users can just change their dating profiles addresses and pretend they’re from a city they’re not. This has been a huge problem with for years, it completely ruined its reputation and it’s one of the reasons we started exclusively recommending Foreign Affair for international dating.

OkCupid basic vs Premium

The last thing you want to do when you’re engaging in international dating is waste your time, because even though Foreign Affair allows you to meet the women in person, it’s not a guarantee that you’re going to have the same chemistry in person you had while you were communicating online. This is often a little hard for most men to grasp which is when we recommend Foreign Affair we do so with the intent to meet these women in person.

When most people leave negative feedback or talk about price increases or fake profiles regarding the OKCupid APP you won’t have that excuse when you have the option to meet women in person using Foreign Affair. Now, OkCupid isn’t expensive, but is it worth it going premium of basic? I’d answer yes, don’t waste your time with basic, because if OkCupid is a waste of your time you want o find out as soon as possible.

I’d try OkCupid for a month to 3 months have a full profile and see what happens, my test was very disappointing, as per usual the unattractive women were the most interested in my profile and a lot of the women I found attractive were wither foreigners who I couldn’t confirm or outright scammers. Does this make OkCupid a scam? No, not in my book it just means, be careful.

Scammers like to go to popular online dating platforms and it’s almost impossible to get rid of them, this again is why Foreign Affair became our number one option because you can physically meet members in person. With that said the time period I’m writing this, the economy is just starting to open up again, so once this pandemic stuff is ancient history, travel will get back to normal and I think this will be the time your Foreign Affair will have more value than ever.

I’m hoping things improve at Foreign Affair in 2022, but 2023 should be a good year I hope. In the meantime, you can still use the Foreign Affair online services and not be worried about scammers, because Foreign Affair is more of a controlled online dating environment. The pictorial Testimonials, video Testimonials, audio testimonials, and written testimonials, are al the result of the men who actually met the women.

If you’ve never visit these women stop pretending you did, we have the group for a reason and we keep it private because it’s pointless arguing with the men who are too scared to travel. OkCupid is an option for international dating, but none of us have found any success with it so far! All the best!

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