Review Is It a Scam?

There are quite a few of these sites popping up all over the net; this is not the first review I’ve done on this company. Based on my reviews “Irish Locals” which is currently found at and currently owned by CH-Tel. communication AG is a scam and not legit if you’re looking to meet a real person and you’re unaware, some if not all of the IrishLocals female members are either fictional or live webcam models that you can’t meet in real life.

IrishLocals is only legit if based on my reviews you’re okay with fictional members being part of your online dating experience. I won’t be recommending at this time you’ll want to consider reading the IrishLocals Terms of Service prior to signing up, namely the section of their terms that reads 7. Digital Fantasy chat service Terms of Service Digital Fantasy chat service

One of the reasons I’m a huge fan and supporter of Live Jasmin is their transparency, they don’t hide anything, they’re a live webcam chat service and why some single men use Live Jasmin is because it’s a much faster way to meet and chat with attractive women online, Live Jasmin doesn’t give men the B.S story of being a dating website, no it’s live webcam sex chat service that most of us join because live webcam models are sexy, some are even virgins and yes meeting them in person can be a pain in the ass, but at least we’re not wasting, hours, days, weeks, months, years on a B.S dating website with fake members.

So if you’re going to join read section 7 of their terms “Digital Fantasy chat service” where it states the following:


7.1 The Service is a digital Fantasy chat service for adults. The profiles are solely provided for the entertainment of Users. The interaction between the User and other profiles may simulate real life discussion and roll playing in order to fulfil the applicable fantasy. However, the Service is not a dating platform not possible to meet the fictional profiles in person.

7.2 The Website is solely designed for adult pleasure and to simulate realistic role playing by chatting within a secure digital environment with animators who are not identified separately for the entertainment of the user.

7.3 The Website uses fictitious profiles for testing behavioural/social studies and for digital fantasy chat purposes. The profiles posted on the Website are fictitious and are associated with this digital Fantasy chat service.

So yeah, after reading the terms, I hope you understand why I think Live Jasmin is a far superior option.

Final Thoughts Regarding

I can’t in good faith recommend IrishLocals to anyone, based on my reviews, if I were talking to a friend, I’d say yes IrishLocals is a scam and not legit, I would not recommend IrishLocals to a friend so I will not be recommending at this time. Any questions or concerns you have regarding should be sent to their staff directly.

If you’re looking for a legit adult dating website Adult Friend Finder has been online since 1996, consider also that it’s an American-owned adult dating website that has its roots in swingers dating culture. With the evolution of the internet Adult Friend Finder has changed some of its features, as we all know Backpage has been shut down, so some of the features that we’d like Adult Friend Finder to have are not allowed anymore.

With that said Adult Friend Finder is still the best adult dating website for women, men, and everyone in between; my personal success using their service is based on having a full profile, my location I live in a big city, and being active on the site, because of the nature of the site, and the relationships I’ve formed using their services, I remain an active member to this day.

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