Launch Sequence By Loud Muscle Science Review Is It a Scam?

When responding to messages, I was asked about “Launch Sequence” which can be found at the website and also on Amazon, and the person who messaged me stated they tried it because it had so many positive reviews, but they didn’t get the same results and thought it was a scam. I stand by my claims that the numbers show around 69-74% is the number of men that usually see positive results with these “Sexual Performance” supplements for men that are legitimate.

Based on the ingredients “Launch Sequence” appears to be a private labeled product which is fine, I can’t call them a scam, it’s very expensive and I’d say their presentation and bottle are very nice, but I do wonder if some of those reviews on Amazon are paid reviewers because based on my reviews they’re no better than VigRX Plus and at the very least VigRX Plus backs up their claims which by the way ARE NOT perfect.

I’ll never claim that VigRX Plus works 100% of the time for everyone, the numbers based on the median of the men we tested for VigRX Plus was 72% got positive results and the only reason we stood by VigRX Plus is because of their consistency, the others we tested may have started off well, but then fell off a cliff once we got a larger sample size, VigRX Plus we started that test almost a decade ago and VigRX Plus is still standing, all the others have relabeled themselves, gone bankrupt or were proven to be scams.

With Launch Sequence is decent, but I won’t be recommending it at this time. It’s on Amazon, it’s worth a try, but I can’t recommend it in good faith, the numbers don’t add up. As most people know most of these supplements are dietary in nature, obviously the more healthy or in shape you are the more control you have over your body. The side effect is the erection, most men know the more in shape they’re in the more sex they want to have, this is why many of us say to avoid certain steroids because if you’re in shape and you’re having erectile dysfunction, you’ll want to consider seeing a doctor.

When we started doing our testing we got a large sample size, because after all you can’t have a big advertising budget recommending a product and not know if it works, because if it doesn’t work, we’d be out a lot of money. So the results for VigRX Plus came back favorable and then their company obviously released their own data and it was similar to our results. Since their success everyone has been trying to duplicate it and who can blame them? There’s money to be made.

Based on my reviews Launch Sequence By Loud Muscle Science is legit, but I can’t in good faith recommend them right now, must supplement companies don’t like to use Amazon because Amazon cuts into your already slim profit margins, and may actually compete with your company when posting something on their platform. So when most of us see certain things posted on Amazon we can’t help but shake our heads.

I write this because in case you’re wondering why the price for “Launch Sequence” is so expensive, try selling on Amazon and watch how they’ll eat into your profit margins. Amazon fee here, prime fee there, restocking fees, refund fees, here a fee there a fee everywhere a fee, fee. It’s no wonder why so many people sell their Amazon shops the moment they’re profitable on Amazon.

Anyway try Launch Sequence By Loud Muscle Science at your own risk, I won’t be recommending it at this time. All the best.

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