LesbieMates.com Review Is It a Scam?

I’ll keep this post short because Lesbie Mates is owned by Timespace Holdings Limited and as I’ve stated in prior posts, dating websites owned by Timespace Holdings Limited should only be considered if you ok with how the operate. Based on my personal reviews LesbieMates is not legit, based on what I reviewed including their booster packages and other services I think LesbieMates.com is a scam. If you live outside the British Virgin Islands I personally think you should be concerned with signing up with them. Below is their address.

Timespace Holdings Limited P.O. Box 146 Trident Chambers VG1110 Road Town Tortola British Virgin Islands
Phone: +18007649523
Email for Customer services: [email protected]

I can understand that for most people where a dating website is located is not a big deal however what I try to stress is that dating websites located outside your country could pose a potential threat to your personal and financial security. There are a lot of great dating websites located in the United States for example, that not only pay taxes in the U.S but they also operate their dating website and cater to U.S users.

LesbieMates.com Terms of Use

As of March 2018 LesbieMates doesn’t make it easy to print or copy their terms, this is common behavior amongst online dating websites that are scams. In the event you want to take legal action against LesbieMates.com it will be very difficult to do not only because of their location but because of their privacy policies and Terms of use being so hard to print. Don’t believe try to print it or copy it yourself. Based on my reviews I’m not sure if their members are real, personally I think their members are fakes, in general I wouldn’t trust their service if I were you.

Final thoughts regarding LesbieMates.com

To date based on my reviews I’m of the pinion that all dating websites owned by Timespace Holdings Limited are scams. So no I don’t think LesbieMates.com is legit and yes I think they’re a scam. With that said I don’t write these blog posts to tell people what to do. If you want to sign up to LesbieMates.com don’t let me stop you, just don’t say I didn’t warn you. Any questions or concerns you have regarding LesbieMates should be sent to their staff directly.

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