Review Is It a Scam?


In a nutshell, “Love 4 More” currently linking to currently by Cybersevices B.V., and currently found at (Love 4 More) is a scam and is not legit. As you may have guessed or already known, is not a dating website it’s merely trying to get your email and other information so it can refer you to fraudulent dating websites like “”.

Why is being used is because most of the members at fraudulent dating Apps/websites usually figure out that they’re being scammed, so fake dating websites like are used to get people to keep signing up, imagining they’re joining the a dating scam not linked to fraudulent behavior. If you’re looking to contact “ICasualDating” the information they post about themselves is currently the following:

United Performance Ltd, Suite 10, 3rd Floor, La Ciotat, Mont Fleuri, Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles Alternative

If you’re interested in live webcam sex chat services you’ll definitely want to consider visiting Live Jasmin which is more transparent and doesn’t have to resort to tricking you into joining them. Unlike Love4More Live Jasmin is pretty straightforward. So in the event, you’re looking for an alternative they’re tops on my list.

Final Thoughts Regarding

Based on my reviews is a fraud, it’s not legit, I can not recommend this scam, it’s not even a dating service it’s basically a landing page to get you to sign up for a fraudulent dating website you’d probably otherwise never join. Save your time. With that said I don’t write these posts to tell people what to do with their time or their money, if you want to join don’t let me stop you, just don’t say you weren’t warned.

Adult dating, online dating, in general, has changed, before all of these fake dating websites started popping up there was Adult Friend Finder never perfect but always legit, the problem with Adult Friend Finder is that it became successful, word spread of all their success stories, and this lead to waves of fraudulent adult dating websites popping up everywhere.

Adult Friend Finder is an American company, its service began in 1996, ask yourself if a scam will last almost 30 years as of the date of this publication?  The origins of Adult Friend Finder begin in the San Fernando Valley. I still recommend it because they’re still the best, and attract the best women and men looking for an alternative adult dating lifestyle.  They’ve of course evolved from a Swingers dating website to a full adult dating experience, but the origins are still there, something you’ll notice when you sign up.

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