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I’m writing this blog post in January 2020, the current president of the United States Donald Trump is currently married to a woman who wasn’t born in the United States. This is often forgotten that Donald Trump is more than 20 years older than his current wife. Now, I can already imagine the excuses in most mens heads, saying to themselves, well his rich and that’s why he’s able to do this? Well, I know my fair share of rich people who have married women older than them, the same age as them or less than years younger than them.

If you believe something wholeheartedly eventually it will come to pass, eventually, you’ll be fixated on this belief that younger women don’t want to date older men. Humans make decisions that are best for them and if you’re a man, it’s a good idea, not to view women collectively and instead see them as individuals. In American, society if you’re a consumer of mainstream media news, whether it’s CNN or FOX News, there’s a narrative that mainstream media news outlets are trying to force-feed you.

If you imagine yourself to have thought leaders in a free society, you’ll inadvertently make decisions that won’t serve you in the long run. Now, as many people who have followed my work for these years know, I’m a huge supporter of Foreign Affair.

Why do I write so favorably of Foreign Affair is because they’ve managed to create a network that brings people who are looking for happiness together. Foreign Affair has also brought some reality back into society, if you’re a woman, would you rather be happy and in a relationship? or would you rather be alone and single? In America, a lot of women opt to be single, now, I’ve often said that one of the reasons I believe this to be true is because of America’s generous welfare state.

So a lot of women in the United States, which is a relatively safe country, have opted to choose the safety and security of money provided by them via the government over a relationship with a partner because truth be told America is filled with eligible bachelors of all ages, but somewhere down the line, it occurred to a lot of women in many western countries, which even include poorer countries like Argentina, that women don’t need a man they can do everything for themselves.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman holding this belief dear to her heart in a FREEDOM based society, but what happens to all those eligible bachelors who now will have a smaller pool of eligible women interested in having a relationship? You’re right, these men eventually age, get older and if they’re lucky settle for whatever woman they can find. This is of course what leads to a lot of men becoming miserable and of course suicidal. Why did the powers that be allow this to happen to me, many men will ask themselves? I respond, that most Western men are approaching dating all wrong!

If you’re a man of means, who convinced you that you should only date locally? I tell men, suppose you attended on the Foreign Affair singles tours and realized that you were in more demand than you initially thought? What if I told you that, the main reason Foreign Affair has so many testimonials comes from the other men simply not showing up.

If you’re reading this and the first thing that comes to your mind when I mention the words Foreign Affair and international dating is FEAR or a derivative of your fear gene, then you’ll see why the men who use the Foreign Affair to find love often find it in abundance. Once you admit that the thought of Foreign Affair scares the crap out of you, you can then start to see the REAL reason you’re unsuccessful with women.

I have spoken to people with criminal records and they can’t use the Foreign Affair because maybe they can’t leave the country, but if you can leave the country and you’re single and you can’t find anyone who will love you and you’re making excuses in your head, which are feared based at the very least after reading this post, come to grips with your fear.

To end this post a reminder that when you join Foreign Affair your age doesn’t matter much, sure your age might matter to some of the women, but it’s really not a big deal, you have to understand that in Western Society, a portion of our culture revolves around being nice and being courteous, a lot of western women often feel entitled to a man being nice and therefore they do not respect it, well in other parts of the world, western males don’t exist and the thought process is entirely different.

Personality traits that exist and are taking for granted in Western Societies, might not even exist in other parts of the world. This, of course, works in your favor, when the settlers settled the Americas, our way of life didn’t exist to the indigenous peoples of the region, it had to be taught and of course, as it was taught different people interpreted the teachings differently.

Now, if you stuck to Western culture which in many ways revolves around volunteerism and respecting individual rights and individual freedoms, chances are you would have an easier life than a person who believes in a more collectivist approach to human interactions. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and for people who live in collectivist cultures or who had to approach life from a collectivists perspective, they tend to put a premium on people who look at them as individuals as opposed to just another woman.

Traveling to find love is what humans have done throughout our history, some of us are lucky enough to find love next door or marry our high school sweetheart, the rest of us, we have to do some work and we have to have an open mind, Foreign Affair provides a service that makes it more than just a dating website. Understand that Foreign Affair is an introductions service.

The profiles you’ll see on Foreign Affair are often professionally done, why? Because these women approach finding a partner very seriously. It’s not a game to them, however, they’ll know if it’s a game to you, because chances are you won’t go and visit them. Now, however, if you’re a man who does visit these ladies, well, then you’ll immediately see why Foreign Affair has so many pictorial testimonials, audio testimonials, video testimonials, and video testimonials. Just as a reminder if you find your wife on Foreign Affair you don’t have to leave a testimonial although it would be nice if you did.

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