Review Is It a Scam?

Based on my reviews, you’d be wise to read the fine print located at the bottom of the HOMEPAGE prior to joining. Based on my reviews, “Mehr Als Flirts” (“More Than Flirts” in English), currently owned by Bitmaster Online BV is not legit and is a scam. If you’re going to join, do yourself a favor and read the bottom of their homepage. Currently, it states the following:

The profiles on this site are entertainment profiles, so dating is not possible.


If you’re curious to know the contact information MehrAlsFlirts it’s currently also available in the MehrAlsFlirts terms and conditions; below is an excerpt of their company information:

Email: [email protected]

Bitmaster Online BV
Langeweg 1-D
3233LM Oostvoorne
The Netherlands
CC: 71012575 may have a phone number, but I was unable to find it; with that said, let me reiterate that if you going to join “Mehr Als Flirts,” do yourself a favor and read their terms and conditions, so at the very least, you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into. I don’t like dating websites without phone numbers because, depending on their service, it might be difficult to cancel their service. Terms and Conditions (ARTICLE 7. PROFILES AND COMPLAINTS)

If you’re going to join consider reading section ARTICLE 7. PROFILES AND COMPLAINTS of their terms and conditions where it states the following:

7.1. aims to entertain its users, the activity of Bitmaster Online BV not being to allow and/or organize physical meetings between users of the Site.

Profiles are created with the purpose of entertaining users.

Indeed, Bitmaster Online BV explicitly reserves the right to chat with users via entertainment profiles.

Physical contact with these profiles is not possible.

Entertainment profiles are markedwith a heart icon on profile photos.

Dating is not possible with these profiles.


I review a lot of dating websites, and basically, what I’d compare MehrAlsFlirts to is a live sex webcam service. Better yet, what I’d say is to consider trying Live Jasmin before joining MehrAlsFlirts, because, at the very least, when you join Live Jasmin you’ll be getting transparency.

The pictures of the members you see at Live Jasmin won’t be fictional; they’ll be real, verifiable human beings, whereas with you’ll have to pay to guess who is real and who is fictional; I can’t, in good faith recommend them at this time.

Final thoughts regarding

I don’t write these reviews to tell people what to do with their time or their money; based on my reviews, I don’t think is legit and do think they’re a scam. Join them at your own risk. I will NOT be recommending them at this time; any questions you have regarding their service should be directed to their staff directly; I added what I thought was relevant information for you to make an informed decision prior to joining MehrAlsFlirts, so you can decide on your own what is in your own best interests.

I began writing reviews because I got scammed by a review website that had a top 10 of its most recommended dating websites; after getting scammed, I decided that I’d share what I know. It’s not a secret that when it comes to adult dating, Adult Friend Finder is number 1.

There is no close second; there really is not a better alternative, I have no top 10 list, and I’ve tried more dating websites than most people know to exist; with that said Adult Friend Finder does involve real people and voluntary interactions.

A brief history Adult Friend Finder began in 1996 as a Swingers dating website, their service and the services they offer are based on demand and, of course, following the rules; they’re a U.S based company. All the services they offer are confined only to the regulating legal authorities. I only bring this up because, in order for Adult Friend Finder to stay afloat, there are services that they can’t offer explicitly.

This is why I often say, be a member for an extended period of time and get involved; there’s a reason why so many members have remained members of Adult Friend Finder for such a long time; I’m writing this in 2022, a reminder that they’ve existed since 1996 and their success has been because of their adult dating service, which based on my reviews is the best.

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