Mojo Blast Review

Mojo Blast has been on the market for quite some time now and most of the stories coming from this product is that it does not work. I suspect this is nothing more than a placebo pill. You are free to do whatever you want to do with your money but what i find is companies that use trial offers that have no money back guarantee are the worse companies to try. People whoare recommending mojo blast are making it seem like the pill is free when in fact its for from being free.

Is Mojo Blast Legit? Does Mojo Blast work? How much will it cost?

In terms of Mojo blast as a company it appears to be a legit company located in Panama that being said before you sign up make sure you read the fine print or the terms and conditions first so your credit card isn’t slapped with any unexpected charges. They promote this product like its free or really cheap when in fact it really is not. At the time i am writing this we are in a recession. A little of the Mojo Blast charges are below, this is just a preview the rest can found on the website.


By placing my order, I agree to the Terms of Offer, which explain that I must cancel within 17 days of today to avoid enrollment in monthly delivery program which ships fresh supply and charges $59.95 upon the end of the trial period, and subsequently $59.95 monthly thereafter. You will be charged on same card provided today. If you wish to cancel, please call: 1-877-471-6639

If You have any questions about Our Risk Free Trial, please contact Our Customer Service Department toll-free at 1-877-471-6639. Our Customer Service Department is open Monday through Friday.


To me its clear to see this is not a good product for men. People are working hard to build creditability in this industry and hidden charges like this ruin it for everyone. Legit companies work in reverse they allow the customer to try the product and come to their own conclusion another thing legit companies do is they display their ingredients proudly so the world can see what they have to offer. Another thing you’ll notice legit companies do is they use the most expensive natural ingredients for maximum pleasure and results. Mojo Blast in my opinion does not seem to be doing this.

sytropin and mojo blast

sytropin and mojo blast do they work good together or do they work good independently my answer is maybe but the problem here is information both of these websites are lacking in this department and until the give their public more information they get a thumbs down from me.

paraslim and mojo blast

I read somewhere that these two pills work well together but I wouldn’t recommend it i believe the use of the word paraslim by the author was actually a type-o because paraslim is commonly a weight loss supplement i personally would not mix the two. There is also no reliable information to support the claim that these two work well together

Mojo Blast Male Enhancement final Thoughts

I say do what you want with your money. But if you want to use a product that i know for a fact works continue reading… If you had a great product wouldn’t you provide as much information about it as possible wouldn’t you also in the process try and educate your consumer to why you think you are the best see thats my problem with some of these fly by night operations lack of information if they don’t provide useful information we have to assume their product does not work there are allot of scams online and also customers want a product they know they can trust. That being said when you see the different level of information here you will clearly see why Mojo Blast gets a thumbs down in my book. click the link below for more info

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  1. Gee Dub says:

    This MOJO BLAST is a joke… It is only a thinly veiled placebo. The REAL Mojo Black is the real deal.