Review Is It a Scam?

In this day and age you have to really like using phone chat lines to use them especially now that 1 in 5 dates are started from online dating sites. Personally I’ve never had any success with phone chat services and my reason for this is because well you can’t see who you’re talking to. You have to go with what how the person describes his or herself which puts you at an extreme disadvantage.

Sure there are disadvantages to using online dating sites but compared to phone dating, online dating in my opinion is better. That being said I do not think Night Line Chat is in anyway shape or form a scam, I just would not use their service because I like to get a visual of the person of my interest rather than just going by their voice or their over the phone description of themselves.

My thoughts on using phone chat lines

Don’t get me wrong, you can learn a lot about a person talking to them over the phone but what I notice is that when people can hide behind “masks” they often portray themselves as someone they’re not. What bothers me about using a service like NightLineChat is that after you use your phone credits you have to pay to talk to people that might not be serious. Plus like I said earlier you can’t actually see what the person looks like which can make asking a very difficult task.

Final thoughts on Night Line Chat

If phone chat is something you’re into I think you should give a try and give it your full effort. Nothing about Night Line Chat screams scam to me and to date I have yet to see any complaints from their service. However if you want to date the way 1 in 5 people in the world or dating consider using an online adult swinger dating website like Adult friend Finder. Adult friend Finder is fact larger than any other dating website online it’s bigger than match and eHarmony and what’s even better than that is that it’s catered to mature adults. The price is low and they’ve been in business for over 15 years.

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