Review Is It a Scam?

“North Express” currently found at based on my reviews appears to be a very small operation at the time of this post. Hard to confirm if it’s legit, won’t call it a scam, because I didn’t feel safe using their services. They have been online for some time, but there doesn’t appear to be an active push to evolve their services. I definitely will not be recommending them at this time.

Personal thoughts regarding

What separates Foreign Affair from its competitors is that its services all revolve around in person meet ups, which is why the Foreign affair testimonials are so vast. International dating is a very competitive industry and it’s there are a lot of international dating websites and services, that struggle.

As of today’s date (July 2021) I can’t even find a terms and conditions page for, which is why I didn’t even try their services, they use Paypal, but when it comes to digital services, Paypal won’t reimburse you if you’re scammed, so I did not try any of features as I don’t feel they’re trustworthy at this time. Join them at your own risk.

Final Thoughts regarding

I won’t call legit or a scam, I definitely won’t be recommending them at this time. Based on the wording on their site, they’re not even IMBRA compliant. IMBRA meaning The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005, which legitimate U.S based companies like Foreign Affair must adhere too. Again I definitely will not be recommending at this time. Any questions or concerns you have regarding their services should be addressed to them directly.

When it comes to international dating the Foreign affair testimonials are abundant, I’ve been saying for years they’re the best and their pictorial, audio, video and written testimonials speak for themsleves. As you’ll observe just like I said older men are finding a lot success with them.

You’re not forced to leave a testimonial by the way, but I hope you will. Because it helps us to show the difference between a legitimate Foreign Affair service and a fraudulent International dating website. There are also Latin and Asian women participating in our services along with ith Ukrainian and Russian women. I recommend this service for men who are serious about having a romantic relationship.

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