OldCoolDates.com Review Is It a Scam?

Based on my reviews as of February 2018 OldCoolDates.com first and foremost appears to be part of the Timespace Holdings Limited network which based on my reviews is indeed a scam. First thing people should be made aware of prior to joining OldCoolDates is where they’re located. If you read the Old Cool Dates terms of use as well as their privacy policy you’ll be able to locate their where they’re located. Below is their location and contact information as of the publication of this blog post.

Timespace Holdings Limited P.O. Box 146 Trident Chambers VG1110 Road Town Tortola British Virgin Islands
Phone: +18007649523
Email for Customer services: [email protected]

I add the above information not to prove their legitimacy instead to shine a light on their physical location. It’s important to know that OldCoolDates.com is not located in the United States, if you’re wanting join them and you live outside the British Virgin Islands be warned that the laws that govern that region may differ from your countries laws.

OldCoolDates.com Terms of Use

If you’re going to join OldCoolDates.com consider reading their terms of use and their privacy policy. A section of their terms you’ll want to consider reading is section 1. THE PARTIES TO THIS AGREEMENT where it states the following:

We want to offer you a full range of products and services and in order to do that we will share your details across our Partner Sites (see our privacy policy – Creation of Duplicate Profiles Across Our Partner Sites) and we will market our different products and services to you (see our privacy policy – Marketing).

You authorise us to reproduce and broadcast the information contained in your profile including your name, photograph, “chat up line”, description etc.

Not to say that OldCoolDates.com is involved with anything illegal but based on my experiences it’s never been a good idea to give your personal information to a foreign entity. There’s more about OldCoolDates.com that I don’t like namely their Booster feature however this blog post would end being way to long a read. I recommend reading their terms for yourself prior to making a decision to join them.

Final thoughts regarding OldCoolDates.com

I’m particular with whom I grant my personal information too. there are a lot of scams online and I don’t recommend OldCoolDates because it resembles many of them. I don’t write these blog posts to tell people what to do with their time or their money however I will again that I do not think OldCoolDates is legit I do think it’s a scam if you want to sign up with them don’t let me stop you.

Being that OldCoolDates.com is catering to specific niche in this instance I’d advise the reader to consider trying an American owned equivalent named Senior Friend Finder. I should add that I’m not a member of Senior Friend Finder however I’m an active member at Adult Friend Finder which is an American owned adult dating website that’s been online since 1996. I trust the people who operate the Senior Friend Finder based on the leadership of the aforementioned dating website I’ve been a member of for many years.

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