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This is a post is about Penis enlargement and some of the important things you should know before getting into it. I’m not writing this post to bash any industry there is legitimacy to everything if you look at it from the right perspective.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

This is obviously the fastest solution to growing your penis, if you want to see fast results don’t waste your time in any other area just find a good surgeon and get it over with. Penis Enlargement surgery can set a person back about $4000 – $15,000 usd which in my opinion is not that expensive considering what you’ll be getting in return. Just make sure you do your research on the surgeon because the downside to unsuccessful penis enlargement surgery is impotence which can occur immediately after the surgery or sometimes in the long run.

That’s why I say do a background check before committing to one surgeon another thing I want to point out is just because a surgeon has the highest fees doesn’t mean that that surgeon performs the best penis enlargement surgery. So again do your research before committing to one surgeon.

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Free Penis Growth Guides

If you search hard enough online you can find plenty of free penis growth guides. The truth of matter is most of these guides really do work; the problem with most of the penis growth guides however is consistency. If you don’t follow the exercises being taught in these guides on a frequent basis the results you see will be short lived. Also in many of the growth guides being sold online they will request that you purchase something additional to assist you in the penile growth development.

Penis Enlargement Pills

This industry is commonly used with penis growth guide tutorials. It’s typically one of the up-sells to a penis enlargement tutorial. As an active participant in the penis enlargement industry I personally consider penis enlargement pills to be placebo pills for those of you unfamiliar with what a placebo pill is according to Wikipedia found at ”A placebo is a sham or simulated medical intervention. Sometimes patients given a placebo treatment will have a perceived or actual improvement in a medical condition, a phenomenon commonly called the placebo effect.”

To give this to you from a different perspective; As I stated earlier penis enlargement pills are typically used as up-sells to penis growth guides, If I were to be selling a person a penis growth guide I can only sell it to them once, however if I’m selling a person penis enlargement vitamins I could potentially be making money off of that one person for a lifetime. One thing I want to make clear is that I’m not here to bash any industry, the penis enlargement pill industry puts money into allot of people’s hands, many of the people in this industry have families like you and I do and if there’s a market for something why not sell it.

All I’m saying is before committing to one of these penis enlargement pills ask yourself the question? if these pills really do work why is nobody talking about it? If it was true don’t you think this industry would receive more exposure? A pill that could make your penis bigger and longer permanently, do you really think every drug company wouldn’t want a piece of this? Every company in the penis enlargement industry sells penis enlargement pills it will always be the perfect up-sell if you want to give the penis enlargement pill a shot good luck

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The Penis Extender Device

Often used as the other up-sell to growing your penis, the penis extender is the only penis enlargement solution apart from surgery with a proven track record. The penis extender’s actual purpose is correct curvatures in the penis however when used in longer intervals it also helps to permanently increase the length and girth size of the penis. The penis extender serves the same purpose as what is taught in penis growth guides, the difference is instead of using your hands you have an actual device doing the work for you.

The next topic I have to speak on is European design verse the Canadian design, Long term studies and results have been done on the European designed penis extender on the other hand the Canadian designed penis extender has not been on the market for the same length of time. The Canadian designed was created after the original euro extender and because the euro designed extender is patented some consider the newly developed Canadian designed extender to be over priced and flawed.

The euro designed penis extender is not to be considered a quick fix and I often advise my clients to think ahead before making a purchase. One thing you need to know before you purchase a penis extending device is that as your penis gets wider expect that pieces will break, so if you’re going to purchase it I personally recommend getting the “Ultimate System”. If a piece breaks and you don’t have the replacement it slows everything down because then you’ll have to wait for the next piece to get delivered to your home, this doesn’t only slow the treatment down it also costs you more.

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  1. Oscar says:

    Thanks for the information it took longer than 2 weeks but it works your staff is helpful cheers to you my friend

  2. Tracy says:

    @Oscar Yea that’s true it does take a bit longer than 2 weeks