Here’s Why PlentyofFish( doesn’t work for older men. alternative

First and foremost, based on my reviews I’m not calling a scam, it’s legit, that’s not what this post is about, this post is asking the question if POF is worthy of your time as an older man?

So I was looking through the comments and reviews of on the forum a few months back and I had personally stopped using Plenty of Fish years ago when they removed the adult dating component from their website and basically got in bed with, which for the most part is a failure, considering the amount of money funneled into them and their return on investment.

Here’s the problem with the older dating websites, minus Adult Friend Finder which similarly to was created around 1996. The older dating websites, want to decide for you, who is right for you, and therefore they limit your search results by your age.

When you join Plenty of Fish as an older male they lock and box you in a small category and limit your options profoundly. Sure women for their search results might request that men of a certain age limit be blocked from contacting them, but this is the exact reason why so many Western Women are single in the first place.

Like it or not, women not dating older men is a function of social engineering, because women typically have to mature faster than men do, and if you’re a believer that humans are here to procreate, a woman’s window for procreation is a lot shorter than men’s are and if a woman has an eligible suitor, in many respects, if she’s not exposed to a more mature man, she might assume that she has to date men her own age.

As a person who worked in adult entertainment, based on my own experiences, women who date older men, have a much better and more stable standard of living, an older man is going to treat her better, typically an older man has more money and resources to give her and the only reason most women abstain from dating older men is that they’ve been told that it’s taboo.

well for the women reading this if you’re in your late 30s and pushing 40 and up and you’re still single and ready mingle, could it be that you were lied to by your dating thought leaders?

Men looking to date Internationally

I noticed some unfortunate things about a decade ago, namely suicides were up, because of my profession, I attributed these suicides to loneliness, a lack of purpose in life, and the feeling that men and women in Western countries were feeling stuck and limited.

Unfortunately to date, I have not been able to get through to Western Women, however, I have been able to get a lot more men to consider trying Foreign Affair. This is an international introductions service, were men of all ages can meet women from around the world who prefer their own happiness over a culture controlled by social engineers or a ghost entity dictating to them who they should and shouldn’t be dating.

Foreign Affair is not just a dating website it’s a dating service and I guarantee you that if you take it seriously, you’ll find yourself hopeful about your dating life again. It’s painful when you find out that there are forces that want to tell you who you should date, basically trying to give your love life that death nail, Foreign Affair completely turns around that narrative and brings people together.

When you visit Foreign Affair consider reading all the testimonials, there are audio testimonials, video testimonials, pictorial testimonials, written testimonials, and of course, testimonials on their radio show, the only problem men face on Foreign Affair I would say is the feeling of discomfort.

Obviously international dating isn’t for everyone, a lot of men are very specific about their love life and that’s fine, but for those men who aren’t afraid to think outside of the box, consider Foreign Affair because as you might have noticed, and many sites like it are very robotic in their approach to online dating.

I don’t think they’re intentionally alienating people, because I’m certain POF is trying to give their users a more pleasant experience, but you see now why has been struggling for years to retain members? men are usually the main financers of dating websites, without older men, those dating websites fail, but men also are getting the short end of the stick, because these old dating websites don’t want to rock the boat, challenge people or create more dating algorithms.

It’s simple a lot of women have been told it’s social suicide to date older men and that’s fine, but if you’re an older man you’d know that deep down a lot of women don’t feel that way, a lot of women are NOT sex-craved maniacs who base their happiness on men’s ages and physical appearances, a lot of women simply want to be happy and because some dating websites follow and don’t lead, as a man you have to weigh your options! If POF isn’t working for you don’t suffer in silence, consider a change in your approach to dating, open up your options!

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