Pof.com Review Is It a Scam?

If you ask me I would say to you that as of 2013 Pof.com is still probably one of if not the best dating websites online today. It probably has the most real testimonials and it’s one of the rare sites that grew viral via word of mouth. Recently I’ve seen Pof.com do online advertising I’ve also noticed they’ve added an upgrade option. All this is great but what makes Pof.com the best is how many members they have. During any time of the day Plenty of fish will have over 300,000 people online numbers like this are typically only seen in top level social media sites yet Pof.com has been able to do this continuously for many years now.

Personal thoughts regarding Pof.com

My personal review and experience with Pof.com has been an interesting one I’ve met quite a few people using the site all have turned out to be disappointments in one way shape or form but it was expected because after all Pof.com is a free dating website. I learned very quickly that when using free dating websites make sure you get the person you’re interested in on web cam before meeting them in person. A person with Head shots only should be investigated thoroughly and by that I mean get that individual on Skype or some kind of video messenger service before meeting them in person.

I’ve had some really embarrassing moments using Pof.com that I blame myself for but one thing I can say with absolute certainty and this is based on my own review Pof/Plenty of fish is NOT A SCAM!!! In fact if you read most reviews this is quite possibly the best dating website online right now!

Final thoughts regarding Pof.com

Pof.com is a great site with limitless potential I do recommend Pof.com to friends and I also thinks it’s one of the best internet dating options online today. You have nothing to worry about they’re trust worthy, honest and FREE if you sign up i wish you all the best and remember to put your best foot forward when using any dating website.


Free dating is one of the things that led me adult dating a now retired feature Pof used to have an intimate encounters feature one of the reasons I don’t think it lasted was because women didn’t feel safe putting themselves out there in this way on a free dating website. This is feature that my now favorite dating website Adult Friend Finder are masters in. Spam and fake profiles are problems that plague free dating websites but these practices don’t get very far in paid/premium dating websites. With legit premium dating websites problems are different in fact in most instances the fault is put is on the dater.

I’ve never understood why some people pay to sign up for dating websites and then they do nothing to help themselves. For example when I use Adult Friend Finder I’m actively pursuing the people that interest me, I’ll widen my search if I need too if I’m going on vacation to a certain location I start looking to to develop relationships in that area. From what I’ve observed most people don’t look at the bigger picture when it comes to internet dating and think this is why most people aren’t successful.

Adult Friend Finder like Pof.com has hundreds of thousands of peoples using it every single day and it’s designed to give users the best chance possible to meet someone. Adult Friend Finder is a swingers/sex dating website and as women and men become more liberated sexually this site will only get larger and larger if you pass on Adult Friend Finder you and you’re a free spirited person you’re really missing out!

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